Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

My Love Affair…Lucky for some


Here I sit in cell number 13 looking out wishing and wanting to be free…. Was the first thing I wrote and when my love affair with the number 13 began (not that I knew it at the time). As I wrote in my last for as long as I can remember I have always wrote for myself it has been my release and I could write it in a story form that no one would know that it was actually my most inner secrets.

You know that feeling in your stomach you get when you have a thought, an idea or you make a decision on something…that little something called intuition.

Life provides choices but we make the decision….our destiny.

In small country town where I am surrounded by good friends…great friends a dead beat boyfriend and living in a house with a man who felt the need to get drunk and take out his frustration on a woman and her kids. Life provided me with a choice.

a)      To stay and get a hairdressing apprenticeship

b)      To move, save money and put myself through college.

It would have been easy to stay because it was an easy life minus the beatings but at the time it was easy. Intuition… my gut told me I had to get out so I packed my suitcase booked a one way ticket to Alice Springs. With my entire savings of $230.00…I was seventeen.

I boarded the aeroplane on the 13th February 1995

As much as I heart my time in Alice and I heart Alice, life provides choices I started out on my new-stepping-outside-my-comfort-zone life and it was going really well money in the bank ready for college life tested me to see if I was strong enough to endure this new-stepping-outside-my-comfort-zone life. Turns out I wasn’t and pretty soon I was with another dead beat boyfriend only this time he was another one who felt the need to get drunk and take out his frustration on….me. Strangely this was my comfort zone. Life provides choices. After a near death experience it was time to move on.

I boarded the aeroplane on the 13th February 1998

He followed me. I stayed in my comfort zone and after another near death only this time I’m thanking my lucky stars to be alive. Life provides choices. This time it took us (yes us) to Melbourne which was always going to be my final destination to start college but minus the $10,000 I had worked 3 job for 3 years to save for and I had gained a heavy handed dead beat boyfriend only this time he was another one who felt the need to get drunk and take out his frustration on…..me boyfriend. Life provides choices. This time there was no safe road, comfort zone bull shit. That’s for cowards and I am not a coward I am a strong beautiful intelligent woman who is only 21 but feels like I have lived a lifetime already.

I left on 13th December 1998 and never looked back.

Determined to live and enjoy my new-stepping-outside-my-comfort-zone life set sail to seas to find myself and breathe like I have never breathed before. I am free no longer in my cell…13 set me free.

I set sail on the 13th February 2000

Since then a multitude of things have happen that have continued my love affair with the number 13. Never once have they been calculated in anyway shape or form. I was interviewed on Small Business Big Marketing on episode 13, I was a contributing author in Sprout Wealth….I was Chapter 13 and I filmed a TV segment on Today Tonight on the 13th January. Recently when my life was spiralling out of control and heading to the brink so I caught myself and went away for a couple days of rest and relaxation. On the drive I was thinking about how the number thirteen has been a reoccurring number in my life and life changing things happen with me and 13. As I reached my destination checked in, went to my room…..room 13.

Lucky for some  🙂


2 Responses to “My Love Affair…Lucky for some”
  1. Im so proud of what you have accomplished. I have a similar story in life only my lucky number is 7 😀

  2. Bra Queen says:

    Thanks Kellie 🙂 I am looking forward to watching you progress this year 🙂


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