Friday, January 19th, 2018

Sociographic’s- What a Croc! Try a Piece of Humble Pie…


SociographicIs the branch of sociology that uses statistical data to describe social phenomena.

I’m sorry this is a term I think is completely and utterly ridiculous. Made up by someone who is completely up themselves and wanting to feel better about their sad, sad lives! And anyone who actually believes this ridiculous term is no doubt the same.

Harsh? Maybe,

I heard someone say once “The reason they behave like that is just because of the sociographic’s of your workplace”
Oh really! Ms I am qualified as a big fat nothing who has NEVER done a days work you actually liked, worked your complete arse off not for the money but because you LOVE what you do. Who expects everything to just fall into your lap and happy for everyone around you to make it happen FOR YOU! Then when they DO accomplish something, all you do is criticize or better say “Well now you have to so this.” Blow me!

What, if you work in a store you’re wasting your life? Or
You don’t know how to behave?
Does it make a difference if they own the store?
Does it make a difference that they love their life?
Does it make a difference that they are happy?

Who are YOU to judge? Anyone who has used this term in a sentence to categorize someone lacks self esteem.

• If you feel the need to use words no one speaks- Which by the way we know the meaning; we just don’t have the self esteem issues you do. You sound like a try hard!

• If you write an email to someone who you know really well but can’t even give the person the respect of being sincere; because there is no compassion behind your words. Don’t email.

• You think by doing this you are coming across as professional or intelligent. You’re not, sorry. All you are doing is coming across as cold, unapproachable, up yourself and yes a total try hard.

Are you telling me that people in high paying jobs don’t behave badly? Don’t be ridiculous!
How many men do you know in high paying job think “It’s Ok if I sleep with that woman because I’m on a crap load of money?”
Oh oops! Do wealthy people say crap load?

Everyone has the ability to behave badly and everyone has at one stage or another and that’s OK because we live and learn we grow up!

I know many successful people and what I LOVE about them is:
• Not that they are mega successful
• Leading experts in their fields
• On a crap load of money
• Passionate, beautiful and inspirational people

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE that they are all of those things but do you know the one thing they ALL have in common?

THEY ARE HUMBLE! The most humble people I have ever met, you would not even know how successful they are unless someone told you. They will talk to anyone because they know you learn from everyone!

A piece of humble pie anyone?

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