Friday, January 19th, 2018

Anger Eats You


I see the pain in your eyes, the hurt in your heart and resentment on your tongue. The hurt, the hatred and the pain is eating you alive. Can you see it, do you feel it?


Every thought you have brings more pain and more resentment, you believe that no one just does something nice without wanting something in return. Every negative thought is eating away at you and you don’t realise it because it has become your ‘normal’ being.


I could have easily been like you, but I thank god everyday for that feeling in the bottom of my heart at a tender age. “I have two choices, to give in and let it affect my life, my future or, I can deal with it and let it go and create my own life, my own success.” I don’t know how or where that thought came from but I am so glad I listened, because the agony of seeing you like this is too much to bear.


Going through years of pain and hurt, has just caused more pain and more hurt. Nothing good comes from those beliefs. I know, I lived it with you for a time. I know you want me to hold onto the memories and the hurt and not allow people into my life, but I don’t want that for my life.

I have learnt that in order to live a life of pure love, then I need to release and let go of all ill feelings.  It feels good to let go, it feels great to let go, it feels amazing to let go. To be able to see someone without the anxiety and the pain, I see how far I have come.


One day you too will feel how good it feels, if not in this lifetime then the next. I pray it’s this one. I believe it will be this one.

Let go.


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