Friday, January 19th, 2018


You know the quickest easiest way to feel great everyday is to wear nice lingerie right? It puts pepper in your set and gives you confidence to tackle everyday life. So with that: Bra Queen is getting ready to GIVEAWAY $2500 worth of bras, ranging in all sizes and this is no cheap bra each […]

How to Dress Your Body Shape

Guest Post by the fabulously talented & style guru Miss Imogen Lamport Body shapes are the outline, or silhouette of the body. One easy way of working out your body shape is to take a photo of yourself in tight fitting clothing (say t-shirt and leggings or fitted jeans), and then put it into a […]

Is Fashion Sustainable and Do You Care?

As L’OREAL Fashion Week wrapped up in Melbourne we had an open discussion with industry leaders asking “Is Fashion Sustainable”. Fashion on the surface we think of the clothes we wear, the colors we wear then we throw them out or pass them on. But have you ever thought about where they go from there? […]

This has to be the only time a woman fears going shopping! So let me break it down for you. Ask yourself- * What do you like most about yourself? Concentrate on those assets and camouflage the other not so flattering assets. That way you will create balance. Know your body shape– Are you A,V, […]