Thursday, November 23rd, 2017



You know the quickest easiest way to feel great everyday is to wear nice lingerie right? It puts pepper in your set and gives you confidence to tackle everyday life. So with that:

Bra Queen is getting ready to GIVEAWAY $2500 worth of bras, ranging in all sizes and this is no cheap bra each bra is valued between $69.95 and $99.95. Superior top quality bras t-shirt bras, sports bras, sexy bras, bras that you will LOVE! Not only that Bra Queen will personally be offering FREE bra advice.

We want to make this totally pain free for you so the answers to your questions;

When will it be? 20th June 2011

Where will it be? Facebook & Twitter

What do I have to do?

1. Tell your friends
2. “LIKE” Bra Queen on Facebook
3. Follow Bra Queen on Twitter (if you’re on twitter)

NOTE: Steps 2 and 3 are to ensure you don’t miss out on the BRA GIVEAWAY.



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