Tuesday, December 12th, 2017



Here we talk about being present in everyday life and being aware of each and every thought that you have. Let’s take it one step further however you many want to read over it a couple of times or stop in areas to ponder and think about certain statements.

Over time you would have seen people in the street muttering to themselves, talking to themselves. Often using many voices and different sounds so much so if you couldn’t see them only hear them it would appear to be different people.

Truth is we do the exact same thing but we don’t do it out loud.

We have many thoughts and many voices in our minds and we see concepts, images, labels and judgements. Our thought process is “I think therefore I for I am” however when you have the ability to separate the mind from the situation or action you can become present in the moment and see it for what it is really is.


Enlightenment is; in a secular context often means the “full comprehension of a situation”, but in spiritual terms the word alludes to a spiritual revelation or deep insight into the meaning and purpose of all things, communication with or understanding of the mind of God, profound spiritual understanding or a fundamentally changed consciousness whereby everything is perceived as a unity.


What does that mean in everyday life?


Often when we forget (for example a past situation) it’s because we no longer feel and when there is no emotion attached that’s when you can move on when we remove emotions. That can be easier said then done.


A belief can be confronting but when you have the experience it becomes liberating.

Our minds are amazing things we can do amazing things with them but if we use them incorrectly they become destructive and often fooling us. We carrying out several tasks every day but our minds don’t have any interest in them…this is when our minds are free…the question is can you stitch off?

This is when we have to become aware of our thoughts and listen to them you may want to write them done. When you listen to your thoughts you become (permission to go woo woo) aware of the true meaning and higher presence that is your mind the intelligent thought beyond the thought and you see the beauty, the love, the joy and the peace that is your mind. Now you see

What is truly remarkable is because we have movies and images in our minds it will respond to present and future things with the old belief. We judge the present though distorted eyes of the past and therefore have what is an extremely disorted view. Sadly most times it is negative and will drain you of your energy….this is where unhappiness lies….you don’t want to lay there so let’s more on.

You see the great thing is you can move on from here and it can start now.

  • Start listening to your thoughts
  • Pay extra attention to repetitive thoughts you have
  • When you have these thoughts write them down but do not judge

You will soon realize that you can listen to it but not absorb it and believe…this is when you free yourself and awaken.

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