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As we go through life some things become crystal clear, we define success as money and status however you can strive to get the top of the mountain but if no ones there along side you then it’s a pretty lonely journey and you’ll actually never reach the top because there is always more, always. For years I have always said to myself I will achieve this and do that and once I get here I’ll be happy…..I am so close to success. You know what I mean don’t you?

Then I got smacked in the face by Captain Obvious however not so obvious for a really long time.

I’m so close…I’m so close….I think I can….I think I can….I know I can…I know I can. BANG!

I AM right now in this very moment, in the infinity of life of where I am all is perfect whole and complete. Right here in this very moment….really? Oh wow what do you know I AM living my dream this IS my journey and I love what I do. No more I’m so close, I’m so close. I am content with the fact, know and understand that I am always growing in my business and that’s face it if our business wasn’t growing then we wouldn’t have one, our job is never done. If we weren’t growing personally then we’d be blah. blah.blah.

So many of us are waiting for this ideal success where we reach a point in our lives and say I am successful but reality is we already are. We’re at the top of the mountain it’s just that the scenery changes and we’re ready to tackle another mountain.

When we speak about success and prosperity this is what it is to me and I have probably left something out so add it in the comments please.

–          Being at peace with others and yourself

–          Be true to yourself

–          See life for the amazing thing it is

–          Vision boards- have a clear vision of what you want

–          Communicating with like minded and like energied people

–          Be present

–          Be aware of what you want

–          Have a clear path

–          Know your mantra your buzz words

–          Know the person you want to be and be it and know when you aren’t and fix it

–          Give

–          Love. Laugh. Live

Your thoughts?

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