Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Life By Default


It’s funny how we go through life without really thinking about it and just go through the motions. Often it takes something bad to happen for us to realise how precious life is…you know like when someone dies and it gives that reality check that we probably should’ve had ages ago but weren’t open to it.

We live life by default it’s just the way we are conditioned….unless we rewire our programmes. The growth that has been brought to me in the last couple of years is amazing and it’s something I am incredibly grateful for. You see I used to be one of those people who talks about themselves ALL.THE.TIME and I didn’t really listen to what the other person was saying because I was already thinking about what I wanted to say next, you know what I mean we have all done it or maybe you still do it? You’re listening but not really listening because you’re having a conversation with yourself.

NOTE: Permission to talk about myself please?

GUITLY- I used to talk about Bra Queen ALL.THE.TIME because I love it so much and I just naturally thought everyone else loved it as well but truth is not everyone does and that’s OK. Now I keep a check on my conversations and what I talk about and notice if someone isn’t interested then really why should I bore them and waste my energy? My growth become apparent to me recently when as I realised after listening to someone speak about themselves constantly and when I spoke there was no response or any interest because it was all about them. It was the way I used to be…funny thing is these people don’t even know they do it. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful I cut that cord but it takes hard work and I still have to be aware of it because I do have a tendency to sway that way. It’s the art of giving unconditionally and I quite like it.

Survival vs. Growth

Recently I attended a workshop and was asked to recall a very difficult part of my life and recall how strong I was during that time. I naturally thought about when I had my first daughter and the complications she had. It was incredibly scary, new and deadly and I was amazed at how strong and unattached I was during this time. I have since spoken about it and I have always said I was in survival mode but I was wrong. It dawned on me that I wasn’t in survival mode I was experiencing extraordinary growth I was transcending. Not unlike when I finally left my physically abusive partner I left and did not return and did not shed one tear unlike to 5000 times before that. I was experiencing massive growth. How cool is that?

So I challenge to you is two things:-

  1. Start to think about how often you talk about yourself, if you’re having thoughts while others are talking to you and stop yourself when you do.
  2. Think, love and have gratitude for a time in your life that you were strong and think about the growth that followed. Think about how far you have come.

And it’s only just begun…..

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