Monday, December 11th, 2017

How Do YOU Breathe Life Into Your Dreams?


I stumbled across this title yesterday and it was at the divine right time. I noticed it went for 15 minutes and I nearly didn’t watch it…. but I did and I really want to share it with you.

Perfection is not unblemished and unflawed…. it’s perfect because it’s yours.



2 Responses to “How Do YOU Breathe Life Into Your Dreams?”
  1. Dorothy says:

    Thanks Renee, you have a knack of making me cry lately. Obviously it is what I need right now. No wonder you were in my dream….

    I cried because I feel so alone, with no-one to support me and my dreams…

    Btw, there is a spelling error in one of the boxes on this page, unless its an intentional "sercet"?

  2. Bra Queen says:

    Well that is a great thing it's a step in the right direction when you can identify what the problem is and sometimes that is the biggest hurdle.
    Good on you for allowing yourself to grow. Can I be honest with you I find very few people understand my dreams but most support me anyway. Some of my closest friends don't have any idea what I do let alone get it. There is a Melbourne bloggers meet up soon you should try and come along.

    The boxes rotate so I will check it out!

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