Friday, January 19th, 2018

Pain Provides Choices


When life throws us a curve ball it can bring us pain it’s evitable but its how we choose to process it that makes the difference. We have 3 choices;

  1. Ignore, ignorance is bliss, the past may bring you pain, others may bring you pain, you may even inflict it on yourself.
  2. Change your life conditions the present the everyday things and movements
  3. Change your blueprint your DNA the way you were wired the things that you were taught growing up that may have stunt your growth. Focus and create meaning, substance do this and it will change the present and the future.

If you combine a current situation with your blueprint then you will often feel helpless and unable to change.

Start thinking about not want society wants but think about what you should have. Change is automatic we have no control over that but progress is not we always have to work on our progress.

Make your focus clear and compelling then get support, mentors and maps to help you get there….do the right thing at the right time. Success is a movement in time its how you operate day to day.

What are you going to do today that will change your blueprint?

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