Monday, December 11th, 2017

The Top Five Most Wearable Fall Trends


Guest Post By Molly Borter

It’s October, which means in some parts of world the air is getting cooler, the leaves are bursting with color, and it’s time to finally switch out your closet’s summer staples with the latest fall fashions. But with so many trends to pull off this season, which ones should you choose? The latest Fashion Week looks can sometimes be hard to adapt into everyday life, but luckily for all of us, runway-to-everyday looks are easier to pull off than ever this season. The top five most wearable fall trends are easy because you can add them to your already existing wardrobe and cater them to suit your fashion personality. Are you a classic kind of woman? Try these trends by adding just a splash to your sophisticated wardrobe. Are you a girly girl? Balance your feminine dresses and skirts by layering these trends over (or under!) them. Do you give off an edgy vibe? Mix and match these trends for seriously sinful style.

Retro Eras
Every season, we always tend to channel a fashion era. This fall, we’re channeling three: the vintage 30s, the mod 60s, and the psychedelic 70s. Retro is so easy to pull off, because you can just add a simple touch, such as a pair of Lennon-inspired sunglasses and a structured-chic vintage bag, or an allover era homage, like a bold, Twiggy-like color block dress or a flowy blouse tucked into bell bottoms.

Knee Highs
You’ve got to keep those legs warm, and knee highs are the chicest way to do it! They go with virtually every type of fall shoe—from platform heels to lace-up boots—and keep your toes cozy, too. To balance the boldness of the sock, make sure you pair a patterned or crazy colored kind with a simpler shoe and vice versa. For those weary about the trend, try wearing a neutral knit pair and have them peek out of your riding boots.

Biker Chic
I know, I know: you’re shaking your head right about now and saying, “Yeah, right.” I thought the same thing, too, until I realized how easy it is to incorporate a tough chick feel into my everyday wardrobe. Detailed sunglasses, a studded bag, and metal bangles are perfect accent pieces for your casual weekend wear. On a night out, I love adding an edgy twist to my dress by throwing on a motorcycle jacket or a pair of thigh high buckled boots. Just make sure not to wear biker from head to toe, or you’ll overdo it!

Huggable Fabrics
You wear these anyways to keep warm, right? Well now they’re a fashionable do. The top luxxe fabrics trending right now are faux furs, soft leathers, and knitted materials. Layer a fur vest over a blouse or wear a scarf over a slouchy sweater, because this this trend makes you feel as comfortable as you do stylish.

Preppy plaids are back, and they’re now as classy as they are retro. The only warning: steer clear of wearing a plaid pleated skirt with a button down, or you’ll look a little too school girl. Instead, pair a plaid skirt with a pair of chic knee-high boots and a blazer or an oversized cardigan. For just a touch of tartan, wear some preppy shades or a casual blouse with a pair of jeans.

Author Bio: Molly Borter works as a content writer in Greenwood, IN, where she creates helpful resources. By day, she writes about fashionable fall accessories, and by night, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, trying new recipes, and catching up on her favorite magazines.


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