Monday, December 11th, 2017

WANTED Women Who Want It All


The sun shining and we should feel blessed to be alive, so why do you feel empty? We long for happiness but are unsure of what we will make us happy, but it sure does sound good. Remember when life was easy? We yearn for the simplicity of yesterday and long for the better tomorrow. Good things come to those who wait….. That is the biggest load of bull shit I have ever heard in my life. We hear about the blessed people who are born into a wealthy family and wish we had just a snippet of what they have and to have so easy. We hear their laughter and their stories of their eventful yet non stressful lives and it just seems easy.

Yet hear I am with a hunger in my belly that no one seems to understand. I feel the sun on my back and yet I feel like there is more. More then just looking after kids, doting my husband, cleaning the house and thinking about what to have for dinner. So many people would long for this life.  We hear how simple it is to make money online and you too can earn a 7 figure income and do it while you sleep and only work 4 hours a week. On the flip side of that we hear people aren’t spending money and things are tough. We go on holidays once a year for a short time and we long for them but what about the other 50 weeks in the year. Then we come home from a vacation its back to reality, that’s a bummer. It’s all very black and white surely there is grey. You mean to tell me that the majority of people spend 90% of their doing stuff they don’t want to do and only spend 10% of their lives living and enjoying it and people think this is normal…this is healthy? That is the most absurd thing ever.

People think that they can only excel at one area of their life at a time. Wrong.
People think you can’t have it all. Wrong
People think you have to raise your kids before you do something for yourself. Wrong

You think you’re being selfish by doing something for yourself? Wrong, you are being a better parent because you are teaching your children that they to can achieve anything and they too can have it all.

What does your ultimate life look like?
In this lifetime what do you want to do, for you.

You can have it all
in fact this world needs you to thrive and create something great and something great doesn’t have to be massive because the truth is it’s not something massive that is important because your biggest success is creating a life you love everyday 100% of the time….that is where your happiness lies in that sweet spot!

Make it happen


2 Responses to “WANTED Women Who Want It All”
  1. Mad Cow says:

    Funny, Renee, I was just thinking yesterday about “having it all” and how we always hear, as mums, about how you can’t or “you can have it all just not at the same time” and how you “have to make sacrifices”

    I was hanging the washing out (which, incidentally, is how I time my breaks in my work day – lol – then get out side and stretch for a bit … on and the washing gets done at the same time!) and thinking about that word “sacrifice” … and how, sure, sometimes I will ditch an afternoon of work to go to school assembly, or ditch school assembly to get an afternoon as work in.

    I never do and never have seen it as “sacrifice” … I have always viewed it as “choice”. And it’s rarely been difficult.

    I second it … Make It Happen! 🙂

  2. Renee says:

    I love how your mind works! i think so many of us were brought up with a “lack” and “sacrifice” mindset thinking we can’t have it all and/or all at once however if you set REALISTIC goals and expectation you really can. Plus to look at your life as the complete picture not as work, life, kids etc. WOW once we do that we can transform our lives!

    Love Your Work Chick!


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