Friday, January 19th, 2018

3 Checkpoints That Control Your Goals


Turning Point Intensive

Have you ever set a goal, but then months pass and little progress has been made?

Science shows us their are 3 parts of your brain which must be aligned in order to achieve your goals.

The 3 Core Checkpoints we need to actualise our goals are:

1. Our hind brain, which filters out information based on 7 core ideas: Is there any Fear, Doubt, Danger, Uncertainty, Complication, Suspicion or Boredom associated with your goals?

2. Our emotional brain. Many people don’t go out there and create the goals they want in life is because they don’t have any reference point for how they will feel once that goal is completed. Without any reference, our goals are deemed outside comfort zone, sending us back to feelings from our hind brain and stop us moving forward.

3. Our rational brain, which processes rational information, logic and willpower. We tend to link up our goals with what you deem as important, otherwise known as our values. If you want to create wealth, but family is your highest priority, it’s important to rationalise – “how creating wealth will allow me more time with my family.”

Once you remove your roadblocks and can visualise and rationalise your goals, you’re entering YES TOWN. YES to achieving your goals, YES to taking action. In other words, you’re saying YES to a life of fulfillment and meaning.

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