Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Become an affiliate of the PASSION PROJECT; Discover Your Passion and Turn It Into Profit

You’ll earn 50% commissions by promoting the Passion Project. Sign up and get started today!

Thank you for your interest in the Passion Project’s affiliate program.


  1. Sign up at e-junkie as an affiliate (if you’ve not already).
  2. Once you’re signed up to e-Junkie join the Bra Queen affiliate program by clicking this link.
  3. You should now be able to get your links to promote our eBook. If you’re new to e-junkie or are struggling with their system there is a great article that outlines the process of getting affiliate links from e-junkie here.


It is important that you keep your promotions personal, relevant, non spammy and non hyped. While I believe this project will help motivate and inspire people to achieve significant milestones with their life nobody wins if you build the program up beyond what it is.


1. Those doing a promotion via email are converting best. Secondly blog posts then tweets and Facebook promotions. However remember if you are using social media do not be spammy with your promotions.

2. Some affiliates include a bonus for anyone who buys the book.

3. The top affiliates have all given quite personal recommendations that show that they have completed the program and have been talking about benefits of the book as well as ‘talking me up’ as the author.

4. Social Media –Those doing best with social media are promoting during peak times and doing multiple tweets/ updates over a number of days to reach their full network

5. Multiple promotions seem to be working well – if you all of the above consistently over a few days it reinforces the promotion to your followers; Promoting it not all at once instead gradually.


If you have any questions about the affiliate program please contact us


Feel free to use any of the following images or copy to help you promote the Passion Project. Simply right hand click on the image.


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