Friday, January 19th, 2018

Being Amongst the 1% at the Ultimate Success Summit


I’m always talking about the 1% of the population who are entrepreneurs; the business rock stars, the people who think outside the square. Recently I went to the Ultimate Success Summit along with 7,500 other people and my first thought when I sat eight rows from the front and looked behind me was “Here in this very room is Australia’s 1%” and I was jumping out of my skin with anticipation.

I have pages and pages of notes and there will be a series of posts published. There has been same controversy as to how the summit was received some saying it was a sell fest and Empowernet hasn’t evolved with the industry and were annoyed that they paid to be sold too. There were 13 speakers and we ’t know who was on at what time so we were obligated to stay which was a little annoying because share trading and property aren’t really my thing however in saying that we can learn from anybody and everybody even if it’s what not to do…which was the case with same of the presenters, so I still learnt from them.

I love Richard Branson he was the whole reason why I went to the summit so you can imagine my shock when I find myself uttering the words “He wasn’t my favourite” he was interviewed by journalist Ben Fordham and he just wasn’t the right man for the job; not on this platform. Richard is and was fantastic however Ben did not know is audience and didn’t ask the appropriate questions. For example he said “The audience would one day like to start a business…..” 98% of the audience already own a business then he said “The people here are having a hard time at the moment…..” a hard time I would say not the millions of dollars that got handed over in those two days would blow anyone away. Then he asked media related questions and personally I would have liked to here more business related questions hence the reason why it wasn’t a stand out for me.

What was I stand out for me was the Aussie’s I must say I was quite proud of our Australian line up they did so well and the audience loved them. They were engaging, funny, informative and inspiring Mark Bouris was delightful and Kerwin Rae a breath of fresh air.

I’ll leave with with same pics of the summit


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