Friday, January 19th, 2018

Confessions Of A Bra Queen


So there I was 8th row from the front surrounded by the Australia’s 1%  the people who want to make a difference, the people who are entrepreneurs. Bursting with anticipation and excitement from what the next 2 days was going to bring.

. My all time favourite person is Richard Branson so he was the draw card for me closely followed by Tony Robbins and Mark Bouris.

I will be rolling out a series of posts as to what I learnt and most importantly how I will be implementing it into my life as I continue to grow and love life everyday. However before I do that I need to be honest, one thing Tony Robbins said is

“The hardest thing to do is be honest with yourself and it takes a brave person to actually admit your faults”

He asked us to write down an area of our business that we were really happy with…something that is going really well. Easy! I had a huge list.

The he asked us to do the same thing for our personal lives…..Mmm? Not so easy, I didn’t actually write anything down. Not that anything is major wrong or I’m stressed about it in anyway but it was a wake up call. Time to reassess and regig a little to ensure I stay true to my mission to love life everyday.

  • I started my fitness project around 8 weeks ago and it’s going well however I am not quite there yet. Baby steps J
  • Parenting- I have been super busy with work that I haven’t been spending quality time with my girls. You know when you’re in the same house and don’t actually go out of your way to just hang out.
  • Relationship- I am dedicated to make sure we stay on the same journey together and continue to grow. So it’s that word quality again you can live with someone but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re hearing and giving everything you could be.

Plan of action

  • Health and fitness- Maximise my workouts and aim for 6 per week.
  • Quality Time- To block out 1 hour solid everyday to spend with the girls and do the same at night to hang out with my man.

At the Ultimate Success Summit we learnt an awesome time management technique that I will implement into my days to ensure I am optimising my time. I will share it with you in the series of posts that I’ll be rolling out.

But for now I want you to think about what areas of your business life are going well and what areas need improving then do the same for your personal life. The goal is to not wait until it is beyond repair and start to identify things as they arise so we can resolve things quickly.

Be honest with yourself….be brave.

If you need a super boost grab yourself a copy of the Love Your Life Challenge above right.

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