Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Matthew Newton, Mental Illness & What is Schizophrenia?


Matthew Newton and mental illness is all over the media and cyber space creating much needed awareness around two topics I am incredibly passionate about domestic violence and mental illness. Channel 9’s Today Show had a segment on parents dealing with children that have depression and mental illness which I thought was non judgemental and very helpful to a lot of people and I really must applaud them.

When I first heard about Matt Newton’s assault on ex fiancé Rachael Taylor and she had taken out an AVO after he allegedly assaulted her a number of times. I was as disappointed and disgusted as the rest of you having already gone down this road with ex girlfriend Brooke Satchwell however now we are aware that he suffers from Mental Illness in particular schizophrenia-like symptoms.

What is schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. The person finds it difficult to tell the difference between real and imagined experiences, to think logically, to express feelings, or to behave appropriately.

Schizophrenia like most mental illnesses are misunderstood and the person does not have a “split personality”. Everyone has several emotions that makeup human personality – logical thinking, feelings and expression, perception, and relating to others – for someone with Schizophrenia they become separate from one another. They may hear internal voices not heard by others or may see things that are not really there. These experiences can seem threatening and can make them fearful and withdrawn. They also may have trouble organizing their thoughts and expressing themselves. Their speech and behaviour can be so disorganized that they may seem frightening to others.

Society must STOP BEING SO JUDGEMENTAL and understand that these people can not control these episodes like someone with epilepsy can’t always control their seizures. I know it sometimes puts other people in danger but these people need help and they don’t have to feel this way, they can get help and lead a great life without harming themselves or other people.

Drug induced or not mental illness is as serious and deadly as any cancer and the more we create awareness, reduce the stigma and be open and show your support the more lives we can save.

If you know or have any mental illness please seek help. Go to your GP, Lifeline, SANE or Beyond Blue


2 Responses to “Matthew Newton, Mental Illness & What is Schizophrenia?”
  1. Mad Cow says:

    I think the sad bit about it all is not just the judgement (usually based on ignorance and lack of understanding) but the severe lack of services we have available to help people with mental illnesses.

    It’s very sad.

    Thank you, Renee, for speaking up about it.


  2. Bra Queen says:

    I totally agree and every time I post those words I get bombarded from GP’s and other people saying there is heaps of help however I really do not think there is enough help and services with the appropriate understanding and professional help.

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