Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Hello you- negative friend- drainer- energy zapping person

Hello you- negative friend- drainer- energy zapping person who just can’t seem to find anything good in the world, and how your world is falling down before your very eyes….but it’s not your fault. We all know them, those people who suck the life out of you every time you see them, it’s like a […]

Bipolar – Not Just a Celebrity Sickness

These days it seems like many celebrities are jumping on the bipolar bandwagon. Suddenly bipolar is trendy, almost glamourous, and used to excuse any number of unacceptable behaviours. But are those opening sentences fair? Do we have the right to accuse anyone of claiming a condition like bipolar, simply in order to excuse bad behaviour? […]

Dealing With Resistance

What is that feeling you get when you are about to face change? Sometimes it’s nerves or fear but sometimes it’s not any one thing and you just can’t seem to put your finger on it….you feel the resistance in your gut, why? We feel and we think and we think and we feel but […]

Darkness can not recognise light only light can recognise darkness

We often hear people say:- “Why did he/she commit suicide?” “Why do they do this to themselves?” “I would never allow someone to do that to me” Because darkness can not see light and it is that simple. No matter how hard you try and understand, get angry and feel resentment that is why. There […]

Hello you, I know you and why do you always sneak up on me. Personally I think it is so rude! You’re like this old bad friend who drains me of my life. You make me think bad things, you make me doubt myself, you make me doubt others, you make it so hard for […]

Consistency and persistency are beautiful things

When you drive down a road everyday over time it gets pot holes, usually the council will come along and refill the pot hole. Eventually it happens again because the whole area and the underlying problem wasn’t fixed. We do the exact same thing through out our lives. We pretend because we don’t want to […]

The Dark Cloud

As we walk through the valley of death you take a look at your life and what is it? You take a look at your self and what do you see? As deaths looms all around us at times it is so close we can almost touch it, not because something has happened to us […]

How To Yourself From Feeling Shit

Dear Diary, Today I woke up totally in my head. I felt insecure, insignificant, worthless and thought what the hell am I doing with my life. I feel stressed that every “thing” was organised then at the drop of a hat some “thing” happens and my nicely planned week turns to shit, I begin to […]

You’re Insane

You know those people you talk to and you’re exhausted just listening to them? There head goes a zillion miles per hour and rarely stop to look around and see what’s happening around them OR inside them for that matter. It’s like there whole body exists in their head. Their minds dominate them and it’s […]

Finding Youself and Being Congruent

Authentic Self If I ask you “Who are you?” what would you say? “I’m a Mum”, “I’m a Dad, “I’m an accountant”. Most times it will be what you do or what your social status is. But that’s not who you are. Your authentic self is on another level that is real, genuine and from […]