Monday, December 11th, 2017

Darkness can not recognise light only light can recognise darkness


We often hear people say:-

“Why did he/she commit suicide?”

“Why do they do this to themselves?”

“I would never allow someone to do that to me”

Because darkness can not see light and it is that simple.

No matter how hard you try and understand, get angry and feel resentment that is why. There really isn’t any explanation other then that. So stop looking and trying to understand it because you can’t.

Give space to others and yourself

The only reason we feel anger, fear, sadness, disappointment and pain is because our ego tells us that someone or something is trying to hurt us however I have found a solution to stop this from happening.

You see most times we are living in the world as “The Thinker”. When people talk to us we are really thinking about what we are going to say next. If we aren’t thinking about what we’re saying next we are having our conversation in our heads about what they are saying and judging them.

When we aren’t talking to other people we are talking to ourselves and judging that.

We feel emotions that are determined by our ego….The Thinker.

To change that you have to be “The Listener”

Now we have spoken about presence on Busting Out a lot, if you have been aware of your thoughts and listening to what the voice is saying in your head then we can move onto the next level.

Right now place both feet on the ground and feel them then take a breath.

You are here and you are now.

What do you feel…..Still right?

Operate in this space and you will drift in and out but what I want you to do is whenever you feel any emotions STOP and feel your feet on the ground so you operate in the now, you’re back. Once you do this you will realise your heart is not telling you to feel this emotion your head is and you are OK.

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