Friday, January 19th, 2018

Letting Go & New Beginnings

Some days you wake up and they are just there you can feel them, some days you can see them and they are dark really dark and they hang around by your side criticising your every thought and every action. They do not belong and they are not welcome but they don’t listen and they […]

Letting Go to Move Forward

So when your back from the brink of self destruction and wondering if anyone even knows or cares…..then you realise “You know what I do, I care” and that is all that matters. We can not wait for someone else to do it for us we have to do it, in a time when everyone […]

5 things you need to know to turn your life around.

I was recently asked to write my story over at Brave and Beyond and of course I was more then happy too. If I can help and inspire people that are in abusive relationships then it’s a privilege because no one deserves to live like that….no one. On my evolving road to self discovery I […]

Intimacy After Losing a Loved One

Guest post by Vicki Nomura from Brave and Beyond How to open up to your partner after losing a loved one and move forward…intimately Losing a loved one is a very emotional and difficult time.  Sometimes we feel sadness and loneliness when grieving our loss and find it hard to open up to those around […]

Matthew Newton, Mental Illness & What is Schizophrenia?

Matthew Newton and mental illness is all over the media and cyber space creating much needed awareness around two topics I am incredibly passionate about domestic violence and mental illness. Channel 9’s Today Show had a segment on parents dealing with children that have depression and mental illness which I thought was non judgemental and […]

Domestic Violence

As Matthew Newton has been all over the media recently with his latest assault on fiancé Rachael Taylor although it is terrible news it does bring much needed awareness to domestic violence which is incredibly important because sometimes I feel like it does get lost in the mist of the array of other topics that […]

Suicide and Depression

I recently received this message- I live in a small town like you once did. I have just gone though the hardest week of my life. I have just lost a friend that killed himself because he was going through a hard time? Sorry I’m writing to you about something like this!!! But I just […]

So there I was 2 weeks ago driving toward Babycinos Café after Heather from Inspiring Mums was telling me about Heavenly Connected and they were doing “free readings”. I had no idea what to expect and I didn’t know anyone but I just had this feeling that I had to go, so I trusted my […]

What a GREAT experience this has been and I can honestly say it is life changing. When we started this campaign we didn’t know where or how it was going to go. I had one mission- To understand depression and reduce the stigma surrounding it. To encourage anyone suffering to let them know that they […]

We all have a friend who is going through something right at this very moment. So STOP and be there for them. It maybe something small or it maybe some big but whatever it is; be there to listen, to guide or maybe even refer them to someone who can help them. Sometimes we are […]