Saturday, February 24th, 2018

How To Find The “One”

6 Steps to Creating Your Love Affair! Guest- Susan Santoro Whether you are single or in a relationship this is gold! Have you ever wondered what it takes to find the love of your life? Is it your dream to find a life partner who will cherish, love and adore you? Love is a force […]

Feel and look good on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and women everywhere want to look great on that day. If you want to impress your husband or boyfriend, look amazing for a night out, or just want to feel good about yourself on Valentine’s Day, then here are some tips for you: Body * Take a long warm bath. Use […]

Kiss Me Now Ravish Me later

Guaranteed to spice up your Valentine’s Day! When you kiss her goodbye in the morning KISS her, no groping or fondling, no words just kiss and enjoy. We LOVE sexy but HATE cheap or trashy. So buy her a lingerie set that is classy & sexy. Make it a ‘just because’, we love surprises. When […]

Beautiful Me, Beautiful You

When I look in the mirror some times I like what I see and other times I don’t, but I have grown to realise that I am who am I…curves, breasts and everything in between. I think about how cruel I used to be to myself…you know what I mean because we’re all guilty of […]

In the eye of the beholder

A guest post by the awe inspiring, incredibly wise Anne Aleckson  in direct response to the recent Confessions Of A Woman I’m a thinker, well if I’m being honest and I hope to be at all times, I would tell you that I’m an over-thinker. When something has gone wrong in my life, I think […]

This Is Really What I Would Like To Say To You

When I see you, I really see you. You’re half smile and happiness, I see the other half and you don’t have to say a word. When I love you, I really love you. You the real you and I see her as well. If you could just see yourself through my eyes because I […]

Confessions Of A Woman

# A guest post, by an anonymous contributor as a part of the ‘How Real People Bust Out’ a series of guest contributors sharing their journey’s. I miss the softness of your touch, the warmth of your embrace and the sparkle in your eyes. Sometimes I miss the man who I fell in love with […]

I enjoy my life – really I do, but believe me, it wasn’t always this way.

# A guest post by Lisa Phillips as a part of the How Real People Bust Out a series of guest contributors sharing their journey’s. Ten years ago, the company I was employed by in the UK offered me a position as an auditor working out in Australia and I jumped at the chance.   I […]

Once upon a time there was a women named You, You had a family to think about, organise, cook for, clean for, educate, help, support, drive around and everything else on the never ending list. With no time to think about what she wanted in her life and anything she might like to do….it just […]

Do Want To Change Your Partner

Often with our love ones we try and change them then get frustrated and angry because “they can be so much more”. Women are notorious for this…me included. Let me tell you a story A young gorgeous and glamorous…princess let’s call her Renee 🙂 met a young man who was funny, charming and handsome with […]