Friday, January 19th, 2018

Confessions Of A Woman


# A guest post, by an anonymous contributor as a part of the ‘How Real People Bust Out’ a series of guest contributors sharing their journey’s.

I miss the softness of your touch, the warmth of your embrace and the sparkle in your eyes. Sometimes I miss the man who I fell in love with and wonder will he ever return, or am I doomed to be with a man who once was?

We were never suppose to be that couple, we said ‘we can overcome all obstacles, but we can not settle for anything less than pure love’. When you are here you aren’t actually here, when I speak you don’t really listen, and when you do answer…. love is gone and the life that once was, what lingers in your voice is empty words and an aggravated tone. To hear the harshness in your voice is not what is the most concerning, its the fact that you don’t know! and your completely oblivious to the fact, and refuse to think otherwise. I know you don’t want to be this man! The question is ‘will the day come?’ when you realize that it doesn’t have to be this way and you do have a choice.

When that day does arrive, there will be a willing, loving, sensual woman who is longing to love and support your journey.  To celebrate everyday with you, share with you, laugh with you, make love to you and too love and embrace all that is you. From the bottom of my heart and every inch of my soul, I am here waiting for the day to arrive when you walk through the door and I see that sparkle in your eye, hear the love and life in your voice and feel the warmth of your touch.





9 Responses to “Confessions Of A Woman”
  1. Jacinta says:

    Gosh, this post just speaks to me so much… and kind of breaks my heart a little. How long can we hold out for though is my question, especially when the joy is gone?

    • Renee says:

      You know only you can answer that question and it will be the hardest decision you’ve ever made but no doubt the best one. Always here for you bub. Rx

  2. Sarah Prout says:

    I love this! Very raw and very real. I felt this way for nearly 8 years! And then I left my husband and it was the best thing ever. Never expect people to change. Only you can change and love yourself. xoxo

    Great post idea Renee! xx

    • Renee says:

      So so true, I think women always want and think we can change men because we see what they can be but we can’t and nor can we wait. But we CAN change and love ourselves, love you S x

  3. Dee Britton says:

    What a great post. I love my husband just as much as I did 20 years ago. There is always room for a little extra sparkle. I already have this as one of my 2012 goals 🙂

    • Renee says:

      Love it Dee, it always does need attention doesn’t it. The 2 people that fall in love are not the same people years on, so its not a matter of falling in love and thats it. It’s so much more because you have your life, his life and your life together. The throw kids into the mix and you know it’s tough! So happy for you xxx

  4. Steph says:

    Jacinta: just my question… I am printing this out, as a follow on point to a conversation I started recently. There comes a time when you have to speak your own truth, because with ALL that life throws at us, we need a safe haven. My safe haven is to be looked at and spoken to and held with love… I know that now

    • bustingout says:

      Amazing! You gave me shivers, there is one safe place we all need to find and that is within ourselves. Power to you…to all of you x

  5. Toni-Louise says:

    I can relate so much to that post. I was in a relationship for 9 years (on and off, on and off). Okay, okay…I learn very slowly…but I did come out of that learning that you can’t change someone else and nor should you try to and you can’t “fix” them.

    But as both you Renee and Sarah said, you can honour yourself enough to recognise that and then set about honouring and respecting and loving yourself.

    Jacinta, I love your words “My safe haven is to be looked at and spoken to and held with love… I know that now”. Just beautiful.

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