Friday, January 19th, 2018

Finding Love

My Mum has always said to me “You have to love yourself before you love any body else” and much like any advice you receive when you’re young you don’t really “get” it. From a very young age I remember having a crush on boys but thought they would never “like” me because there were […]


Sensuality Shop owner Michelle Temminghoof is rolling out amazing events for any woman, man or couple who may want to explore and improve their sex life. What I love about Michelle is she has created an elegant and sophisticated environment for women to shop and educate themselves in the sexual arena. The first event happens […]

Validate your feelings

How many times have you heard or have you said “It’s no big deal, there are people that are worse off then me” or something like it? Everyone has stuff and just because there is someone worse off then you (and then always will be) doesn’t mean you are not entitled TO BE and feel. […]

Cuddles + Intimacy = Love Life, Live Life.

Are you allowing yourself to be loved and intimate with your loved one, friends and family? Being intimate with someone is the most fulfilling thing you can experience, it’s totally free and it’s up to you to allow yourself to be loved, just for being you! You don’t necessary have to be in a relationship […]

Turning Head-Over-Heels Into A Long-Term Relationship

GUEST POST by Relationship Guru Chris Owen ? Do you remember the moment when you met your partner? ? Was the love instantaneous or did it take time? ? Did you fall in “lust”, before you fell in love? ? Are you still in love? ? Is that love different from that early love? Did you know that there […]

If love is like a flower, you have to water it to make it grow

We have so many relationships with people in our lives. Whether it is your partner, friends, family or work colleagues and they all need work to work. I think we become so stagnate in our relationships that we forget to stop and appreciate and reconnect. You spend more time with your work mates then anyone […]

The Final Expression of Love & Gratitude….the healing post

I really struggled with this one, I didn’t know where to start how to start and I was searching for things to be grateful for. Love and gratitude didn’t come easily to me to be honest. When I started the Expressions Of Love and Gratitude series it was to see only good in people. In […]

Expression of Love & Gratitude…Born this way

For as long as I can remember we have always had a special bond one that is different to most. I don’t really know why because being the 4th girl you could have easily just put me in the “I’ve done this before basket” so that’s why I know it happened from the minute I […]

Expressions of Love & Gratitude

When I think of the first in line to the throne the word that comes to my mind is reinvention and that is what I admire most about you. You have shown incredible strength to reinvent yourself the way you have. I love:   Your passion Your connection to the universe Your self awareness Your […]

Expressions of Love and Gratitude

Second in line to the throne. I put you on a pedestal, you always seemed to have together you always oozed sophistication and elegance especially through these country eyes years ago. I didn’t know you then so I am extremely grateful that the divine bought us together when I called you the night I left […]