Monday, December 11th, 2017

Validate your feelings


How many times have you heard or have you said “It’s no big deal, there are people that are worse off then me” or something like it?
Everyone has stuff and just because there is someone worse off then you (and then always will be) doesn’t mean you are not entitled TO BE and feel.
Validate your feelings!
You have a right to be pissed off! Guilt free and it is more then OK.
Yeah, other people may have it tougher and they may be worse off but right here right now if you are happy, sad, frustrated, angry that is OK.
Because once you get it out there you can move on, no matter how big or how small it may be negative “stuff” festers and that is where it begins. The essential part is MOVING ON. You have a right to be.
If your Partner or whoever else does not acknowledge how you are feeling then make them understand. Even within yourself, by validating your own feelings within yourself you are allowing yourself the freedom to be and think and therefore move on. Voice and move on and laugh about how silly it was later!
When you let things fester and a small problem will become big problem if it isn’t dealt with straight away. So validate! If the significant other respects you they will understand and support you and your feelings.

Look at things and people for how they are, are you pretending or do you know a pretender?

Stepford wives are 2 things
1.They are pretending because they don’t want to deal with their ‘stuff’ or maybe their stuff just hasn’t happened yet. But 9 times out of 10 I will say they are pretending because they have chosen that material things are more important then actually dealing with their ‘stuff’. However it’s just a smoke screen because you and I both know that happiness comes from within that is true success.
2.They can have their perfect make up, their perfect hair, their perfect bodies, their perfect houses and drive their perfect cars but at least you and I are keeping it real sister! When is the last time you think they let their hair down had a true belly laugh and laughed out loud because it was so funny!

Respect yourself! We feel for a reason so validate and move on.


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