Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Turning Head-Over-Heels Into A Long-Term Relationship


GUEST POST by Relationship Guru Chris Owen

? Do you remember the moment when you met your partner?

? Was the love instantaneous or did it take time?

? Did you fall in “lust”, before you fell in love?

? Are you still in love?

? Is that love different from that early love?

Did you know that there are two major types of love?

Romantic Love that early, lust-filled, (if sometimes unrequited) love experience is a short-lived emotional extravaganza!  It is euphoria of overwhelming proportions.  The intensity comes and goes in waves, and can feel like the most sensational, and scary, rollercoaster ride.

Conscious Love is a more sedate, settled, every day experience.  There are moments of incredible intensity, but it is its constancy that can lead to deep joy and soul-filling satisfaction.

Where To Start?

There are times in our relationships when life feels so great, it’s like we are on a big roller-coaster and feeling exhilarated by the ride. From the top, the world is a great place to live and we feel blessed to be sharing such a great life together.  These moments can give us some wonderfully warm and powerful memories.

There can also be times in our relationships when it seems like we have sunk so deeply into the quicksand that we are in danger of drowning in our pain and sorrow.  Love is dried up and there seems nothing that can bring it back.

It’s in that flurry of strong emotions that what our partner says doesn’t necessarily “get in” to register effectively.  Even our partner’s expressions of love can just fail to make the connection.

That’s most common when the strong feelings are negative ones and crisis or deep disillusionment is driving our thoughts.

So it’s particularly important at these times that messages of love have a laser-like quality to them.  The messages need to be able to cut through all the whirling,

thoughts, feelings, decisions, and behaviors, and hit the target dead-centre!

The Happy Ever After

Filling your partner’s love tank can reignite all the exhilarations of those earlier experiences.

With it, will come the romantic interludes, the heady moments when you can’t imagine feeling more loved or loving, and the serenity and security of love freely given.  But in Conscious Love they are made all the more tender and infinitely more nurturing by the act of choice and effort that goes with them.

Instead of the instinctive reactive love of those early days, now we are exchanging a nurturing love that brings a sometimes quieter but somehow more soul-touching experience to our journey together.

So a decision to spend time together focused on the two of you as a couple, is one of those road signs on the Conscious Love journey.  But not only that, it also allows you time and space to build up the love tank and find new ways to continue to do so.

How can you take out some insurance on your relationship?  You do the “work” while you enjoy yourselves!   You make a Choice to Love! You demonstrate your desire to find out more ways to express that love and we are confident your love will grow as a result.

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