Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

How to Style Sweeping Fringes


Guest- Roxanne Jowett-Hall, Creative Director Zucci Hairdressing

Fringes are the hottest thing BUT you have to know how to style them.
Here is an example of what could happen to you:
You go to your salon and you show your stylist a picture of your favourite celebrity or model with the perfect fringe that you would love. Your hairdresser agrees that it will look amazing on you, then cuts and styles it…. and…. you walk out of the salon feeling amazing.
Two days latter you wash your hair, you go to blow wave your fringe and you realize you have no idea how to recreate the look yourself, or even better you are one of the lucky ones, you have a cowlick and your hair is sticking straight out from your head.
Is this you?
Well then…
You will need
1x Paddle Brush (flat brush) the best one I have ever used is the AVEDA Paddle Brush $49.95.
1x Round brush or straightening irons (GHD’s are the best on the market, a very good investment).
1x A Styling Product, I recommend AVEDA Phomollient $29.95, it will give you a little bit of lift and give you control of your hair.
1x A LIGHT (as in not rock hard) Hair Spray, I love AVEDA’s Air Control $39.95
1x Hairdryer.
Step 1.
Start with a wet fringe that has been towel dried
Step 2.
Apply a small amount of product in the fringe; make sure you distribute it evenly. If our using AVEDA Phemollient then half a pump would be perfect just for the fringe area.
Step 3.
Brush your fringe forward, it will make it easy to blow wave.
Step 4.
Using the hairdryer and the brush, start drying your fringe down and to the left for 3 seconds……. Then brush it down onto your face for 3 seconds…… Then down and to the right for 3 seconds…. and forward onto your face for 3 seconds. Continue to go back and forth until ALL the hair in the fringe is dry.
(If you have a cowlick you can be quite aggressive with the brushing so that you encourage your cowlick to sit flat and not wherever it wants to go.)
The reason you use this back and forth motion is so you dry your hair with no particular part, it can sit anywhere you want it to go, forward or to the side.
Step 5.
Once you have done this, take your fringe in one big section and bring it out in front of you (so it sits like a veranda to your eyes) use your round brush or straightening irons so create a small amount of bend to the very ends of the fringe (this will ensure the fringe sits well). Then drop the fringe down.
Step 6.
Style the rest of the hair to reflect the look you would like to go for. (It doesn’t matter if your fringe gets disturbed through out this process because you will be able to put it back into place when you have finished drying all the hair)
Step 7.
Finish with your light hairspray, especially on the fringe area. Fringes look best when they move so don’t get too carried away with the spray.

And there you have it, you can wear your fringe wherever you want it and even better, your cowlick should be sitting flatter and it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes….
Remember the more you do this styling technique the better you become… just like anything practice makes perfect…

If you would like a fringe for this spring summer, the hottest ones to have are forward, sweeping or even parted in the middle.
Forward fringes should be long (touching the eye lashes) heavy, straight across with a little bit of curve on the sides and very soft on the ends
Sweeping or middle parted fringes again should be heavy but very soft on the ends so they seamlessly blend into the rest of the haircut.
But always take your stylist opinion on what will look the best for you;
Always match your fringe to the shape of your face.

Happy Styling

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