Monday, December 11th, 2017

Self Absorbed and Self Aware


As we go about our day to day lives often life gives us challenges and it also brings us amazing opportunities for growth and happiness. There is always a lesson to learnt and you have to ask yourself are you open to learning the lesson?

Sometimes the universe gives us numerous challenges that have the same meaning because we aren’t “learning our lesson” because we are so caught up in the drama. Recently we have been talking about becoming present and aware of our thoughts and to know that they are just that…only thoughts and they can be changed. However if we don’t change our thoughts the universe will bring us the same challenges and dramas. They may change slightly with the situation and the people involved but the same core message will be the same.

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Let me give you an example.

A girl walks through life having been told she is worthless and has no place in this world. The same girl that is now a young lady gets married and has kids…life is good. Something happens in this ladies life that makes her feel like that worthless girl again and believes that everyone is going to hurt her because she is worthless, so the emotional abuse continues until she is so worn down she breaks, she moves on but the thoughts remain so every person who enters her life will hurt her in same way because that’s what people do. Emotional abuse, physical abuse different forms, different people same core message. Change your thoughts you change your life.

It’s easy to wallow in how bad life is and the people in it but you’re looking through life with distorted glasses. Chances are you’re wearing several glasses, are you ready to take off one pair of glasses at a time?

When something happens its really hard not to take things personally this is a massive challenge for me. We have to remind ourselves that we must separate ourselves from the situation it’s not personal it is just a thought and our thoughts can make us believe how wonderful a situation is and how wonderful life is or how terrible it is. Trouble is we spend so much time thinking about the past and what may happen in the future we spend such little time thinking about what’s happening today. What can you do today, right now to make a change in the right direction…to a brighter path.

You get to choose.

Sometimes people will try and rock your path, challenge your thinking, show you unconditional love and make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Good or bad always remember this:


We think we’re the master of the universe but everyone has a place and we need to make a stand…our own unique stand that is congruent to our heart to create diversity and adapt to new beginnings. Sing your song and dance your dance.


2 Responses to “Self Absorbed and Self Aware”
  1. madcow says:

    Well said, “Nee.

    Something I remind myself every day – well almost every day. I do know when I’m in that hole, though, that this is what I need to do … take control of the stuff that I keep bitching about, cos I can 🙂

    That self-talk is hard to budge sometimes, though. Really hard. It’s nice to know it can be overcome 🙂

    • bustingout says:

      It’s hard when you’re in that hole I find its easier to catch yourself before you get there that way it doesn’t take so long to dig yourself out. Funny isn’t it what we say to ourselves we can be so mean. We wouldn’t even say that about anyone else yet we say it to ourselves. Again catch yourself as you say it. We can overcome anything xxx


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