Monday, December 11th, 2017

The Final Expression of Love & Gratitude….the healing post


I really struggled with this one, I didn’t know where to start how to start and I was searching for things to be grateful for. Love and gratitude didn’t come easily to me to be honest. When I started the Expressions Of Love and Gratitude series it was to see only good in people. In family we take them for granted and we often only see the worst so in attempt to hopefully start a positive trend within my family and yours by replacing the negative thoughts with positive. Most people never mean to hurt anyone or bring them pain it’s a result of a thought or action. My thought process was of a big picture but along the way I realise it was for my own healing that the divine took me on this journey.

*Permission to venture into woo woo, cuckoo and you may need to open your mind here

I believe that every physical illness or pain is a reflection of a feeling or thought that has manifested due to what is going on in our mind. For weeks I have been dreading this post and even thought I would stop at Mum but I know that was the wrong decision and slightly hypocritical if I choose whom I see good in just because its easy. But there is no growth there so I dig deep. I have to write this post and funnily enough the day I was meant to write it my middle back went out.  So after I book my Osteo appointment I consult my bible Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Body.

Lower Back– Represents finances so if you are worried about money often you will have lower back pain.

Upper Back– Relates to lack of emotional support. Feeling unloved and holding back on love.

Middle Back– Speaks of guilt or you are stuck or holding onto the past. Often when you are growing and moving forward on the personal development train this can often be a weak link because you focus on affirmations of trusting that life will always support us and we have an abundance of everything we need therefore have no financial worries. We forget that little piece that completes the picture.

2011 has been a massive growth year for me both personally and professionally. This is the final piece to the puzzle… the piece that also happens to be the massive accelerator to any future growth. Last year I wrote a post that was releasing my Father from my life and it was the best thing for me at the time but it was a decision made from pain, heart wrenching pain and I wanted it to end and it did.

What I know now is that NO decision that is based on fear, anger or pain is long lasting and not a permanent one. It’s there to get you through the short term but your happiness depends on you making a permanent decision that is based on a neutral place from your heart.

But I did think of something I like your sense of adventure and sense of fun but I don’t think this post is suppose to be an expression of love and gratitude but a healing post so we can move on in our lives…. finally pain free.

It was all connected the expressions of love series, my thoughts and my back to bring me the final piece to my puzzle.


I am ready.



#This is part of a series of posts called Expressions of Gratitude because we choose how we see people and that there is good in everyone. To focus on the good not the bad because to love unconditionally without judgement to live and be open to be loved.

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