Friday, January 19th, 2018

Letting Go to Move Forward


So when your back from the brink of self destruction and wondering if anyone even knows or cares…..then you realise “You know what I do, I care” and that is all that matters. We can not wait for someone else to do it for us we have to do it, in a time when everyone bangs on about having a great support network piss off they may love you but their too busy too deal with your break down because they had a bad day too. So when you’ve got up after from the ball where you’ve been lying for 2 days crying and you’re ready to take action and move forward what do you do?

You stop blaming everyone else for your wrong doings because as long as there is one shred of blame in your body you can not and will not move forward. It is a cancer my friend and we need to cut that shit out. So sit down and have a nice long conversation with yourself and grab a pen and write done who you blame and why. Be honest no one has to see this.

If you have an open wound and you think you can’t close it and move forward because you have to have a conversation with that person then you’re wrong and get do it on your own.

Identify that person and let all the pain and hurt go because while you still have hurt, pain and maybe anger there you can’t move forward and it will rule you… don’t want that to rule you do you? You couldn’t control them then so take control now when you can. Know exactly what it is that you need to forgive and find peace with. You may want to go to a quiet spot or your favourite spot then surrender yourself and forgive and find peace with yourself let it all go. Let go.

  • Just as day becomes night we let it go….so let go
  • With all of your heart let go
  • Let your body feel love and let go
  • With all of your heart forgive him and let go
  • With all of your heart forgive yourself and let go
  • With all of your heart forgive her and let go
  • Let your purpose be freedom and let go
  • When all of the bitterness has gone and only love remains let them go
  • When the past no longer rules you, you are free to live and embrace your life

Things will happen to challenge us and force us to think outside the square and it’s up to us to choose how we handle them. We can handle them with grace and dignity or we can get angry however anger just festers and breeds like cancer and it never solves the problem so allow yourself to stop and think grace and dignity…be that person.

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