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5 things you need to know to turn your life around.


I was recently asked to write my story over at Brave and Beyond and of course I was more then happy too. If I can help and inspire people that are in abusive relationships then it’s a privilege because no one deserves to live like that….no one.

On my evolving road to self discovery I am constantly analysing, learning and ensuring I can live positively and enjoy life everyday but at the same time work towards a prosperous life and when I say prosperous life I mean wealth but more importantly I want to grow because to prosper is to have success and flourish in which is by far the most important thing to me.

5 things you need to know to turn your life around.

1. Release your mind

Problem: We have all been conditioned to the thoughts we have today and most of them we won’t even realise because they are involuntary. Thoughts like money only follows money, the little Aussie battler, tall poppy syndrome, success is to own a home and have a job, it’s as good as it gets, I can’t do that because no one in our family has, it’s not in our blueprint.

Solution: With every inch of your soul and your entire being you have to not only know but live and breathe in the fact that you yes YOU can do anything you want to do, you create it, you make it happen, you define what success is to you, it doesn’t matter who has done what before you because they are not you and you and only you can make it happen. But nothing changes if nothing changes and that starts with what’s happening in your head. We need to recondition those stupid thoughts and start bathing in the fact that the buck stops and starts with you so start thinking and believing in yourself and know what you want and how you are going to get it.

2. Advice is never equal

Problem: Our influencers, the people who we had growing up that dictated what was going to happen to us when we were older. This could be anything; for me it was as ridiculous as it sounds is. I was always told by anybody and everybody that I was going to famous and that was that. It was spoken about in a way that everyone just assumed I would be including me, I didn’t think anything else would happen there was no other path. What they forgot to mention was that it takes hard work to succeed and nothing gets handed to you on a silver platter. Some things happen with ease and sometimes they do not however success lies in the action it’s the doing that makes things happen. Famous is not a job or career path it is something that happens when you master your craft. What is your craft?

Solution: When people say to you “You wait until this happens to you because it will” or “The only time to do anything is when you’re young” or “It all changes when you’re married” don’t listen…don’t listen just say to yourself “It maybe that way for you but it’s not for me”. To our influencers just know that they said what they thought was best at the time however when you change your thought you change your path.

3. Understand your stuff is not their stuff

Problem: We carry our own insecurities into our relationships and more often then not it’s a bi part of something we may have been lacking in our childhood. Things happen that change us and make us doubt ourselves but once we can identify them and get to the root of the problem we can move on and change our blueprint. For example I have this outrageous need to be heard and acknowledged. This can be to the detriment of our relationship because if I feel like my partner is not listening, hearing and/or acknowledging me it drives me coco bananas. But because I am constantly learning and growing I now know that it isn’t in fact him per se it’s actually a result of my childhood. I was constantly seeking approval, acknowledgment and attention from my narcissistic father which I never received so that feeling always leaves me feeling frustrated when I’m not heard.

Solution: Be honest enough with yourself and your feelings because if you’re getting annoyed, angry or frustrated over the same things then there is a reason for it and you can fix it. Once you know why and where it comes from you put yourself at peace because it’s not actually your partner for example it is you and your insecurities and you can work about fixing them. You can stop yourself from feeling that way because you now have the ability to identify it before it even happens.

4. Always. Get. Back. Up

Problem: You give up when it gets tough and start a new goal, business or job.

Solution: Don’t J you think it’s going to be easy? It takes work and constant attention to make a better life for yourself or a better business or a better job? Sometimes there are going to be hurdles but we always get back up. The only difference between you and whomever you admire is their ability to never ever give up…always get back up.

Passion + Persistency = Pay Off

5. What are you going to do today to make a positive change in your life because the keyword is DO. All the positive thinking in the world will not make things happen unless it’s combined with an action.

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  1. Some great words of advice Renee, thank you and totally agree with them all! x

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