Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

You’re Insane


You know those people you talk to and you’re exhausted just listening to them? There head goes a zillion miles per hour and rarely stop to look around and see what’s happening around them OR inside them for that matter. It’s like there whole body exists in their head.

Their minds dominate them and it’s out of control.

Does your mind dominate you? Think about this….

Are you always trying to get somewhere other then where you are?

Is most of what you do today…is it means to an end?

Eckhart Tolle the author of The Power of Now says

“Humans have learnt to split the atom. Instead of killing 10 or 20 people with a wooden club, one person can now kill a million just by pushing a button. Is that real change?”

You see all the negativity you have today is based on a build up an accumulation of the past and denial of today. Unease, tension, pain, stress and worry are all forms of fear cause by thinking about the future and not enough presence. If you have regret, sadness, bitterness, spitefulness and non forgiveness they are caused by you living in the past and not in the present.

Most people believe it is impossible to be 100% totally negative free. That is your mind playing tricks on you.

Truth is most people long for spiritual nourishment and it can come in many shapes and forms.

Once you understand that your present life situation is the results of things that have happened in the past… ask yourself if they are affecting your present life, maybe you feel stuck.

Forget about your life situation for a while and pay attention to your life.

What is the difference? Your life situation exists in time, your life is now, your life situation is mind stuff and your life is what is real.


Are you beginning to understand the difference?


Have a think about it and we’ll come back to it.

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