Friday, January 19th, 2018

The Dark Cloud


As we walk through the valley of death you take a look at your life and what is it? You take a look at your self and what do you see?

As deaths looms all around us at times it is so close we can almost touch it, not because something has happened to us but because people all around us are dying and it’s hard to understand let alone move on.

You meet people that walk around with a dark cloud and you can feel it without them uttering a word, you know they’re not in a good place. When you’re in that dark place you can’t see the light that others see and there is no out. Their eyes are lifeless and gone is the spark and any love for life that they once had. It’s not like a broken arm because everyone can see that but not many can see your cloud, so you feel alone.

People say “There is always light” and “Things will get better” and “We’ve all been there”. But when you’re in the cloud you’re wearing distorted glasses and you can’t see the light and you can’t hear the people trying to help you and no one has been through what you’re going through because you are alone. You can’t tell anyone about your cloud because you’re strong, you’re not weak….you are not that person.

I see your cloud….I feel your pain….and you are anything but weak. No one will ever totally understand what you are going through because they are not inside you seeing the things you see. But we can try….we can listen…we can be there without judgement.

It makes my heart heavy to see your cloud and feel your pain so I can only imagine what it would feel like to carry it around with you all day everyday and I am so sorry that life has treated you this way.

Do you think that if I help you take one thought followed by one action? Would that be OK with you?


One thought…just one thought what would it be?


My hand. I am offering you my hand so every time you sink into your cloud think about my hand and please give me yours. One thought….one action.


5 Responses to “The Dark Cloud”
  1. madcow says:

    I have to come back to this, cos am in tears – you touched my heart, Renee xox

  2. Heather james says:

    You have a way with words My dark cloud is clearing thanks to heartwarming friends like you Renee ditto on the tears xxx

  3. Renee says:

    Thank you so much guys! Sorry I made you cry but so glad you liked it, it really means alot to me and I mean every word Rx

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