Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Are Real Women the Same as Normal Women?


In the fashion world today fashion houses like Bettina and Levi have jumped on the curvy women range, real women revolution however to be honest the word real is becoming like the word normal and I really dislike that word. What is normal? What is real? Both have many facets and do we really have to put a label on everything and everyone?

We all come in many shapes and sizes with different skin tonnes and other things that are congruent to us.

To say real women are plus size is now becoming insulting to everyone, to naturally slim women, tall women, short women, big busted women, small busted women and everyone else in between. How about stop being SO judgemental and embrace everybody everyone everyday for who they are not what label we think is appropriate.

Women need to back off women because men view us so differently to how we view ourselves. Everybody has something unique to offer to this world and it’s hard enough to find your footprint let alone when we are surrounded by unrealistic labels, thoughts and judgements. Here’s a solution how about you do what is right for you and we won’t judge you we will help you be all you can be.


A recent survey conducted in the UK discovered that 13% of women who look in the mirror like what they see…..that is a staggering 87% off women don’t like what they see even if they were in a wealthy weight range. That is sad and crazy and mind blowing don’t you think? We are all beautiful and have amazing things to offer so why are we so down on ourselves AND what are we going to do about?

As a Mother of two girls I am very strict that no one mentions the word fat, over weight and anything that is judgemental and that goes for me as well. I never say anything about the size of my butt, my boobs or my belly in front of them because I believe that they look up us and if they see us being negative about ourselves then they will look at themselves the same way….and I do not want that.

Don’t even get me started on the recent segment on ACA about the general public discriminating against plus size women…it’s sickening to the stomach that people actually get better service, more attention and more respect if you’re slim. How sad is that?



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