Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Are you a Supermum?


Supermum’s come in all shapes and sizes and what makes each mum a Supermum is different.

Sometimes this gift is a good thing and sometimes it drives me CRAZY!

I was doing a grocery shop today with my Maddison and Milly. Maddie in the trolley and Milly in the Baby Bjorn, I’m shopping away and I went to bend down and pick up a case of milk (of course they were right down the bottom) a lady walks up and says “Do you need a hand?” And I said “That would be great, Thank you!” she was a lady in her late 50’s and she put it in my trolley and she said “You know you’re not a Supermum and you shouldn’t try to be. You look after yourself” My usual emotional self (which I’ve come to get use to and I’m ok with it!) I just felt like hugging her!

Then I thought: Why do we do it? It’s crazy! Every week I lift 12 litres of milk along with everything else in my trolley with Milly who is 9kg in the Baby Bjorn. Hello…

Why? Time management! I have excellent time management I HAVE too. I choose to have a business, blog, 2 kids under 3, build a house and do whatever else I need too. It is crucial I have excellent time management. I have to calculate every minute I have sleeps, solids, bottles, business and blog to fit everything around everyday. (not to mention the 5000 loads of washing)

That makes you a Supermum!

My Mum is a Supermum she had all of the housework done by 9am! House was always spotless she was always on top of her game and she had 5 kids and she worked. Maybe it’s her fault! She lifted the bar to high. Now I have these crazy exceptions of myself and the only time I sit down during the day is to work.
But you know, I love that she made me make my bed because now I hate an unmade bed. I can’t think straight if the house is untidy or unorganised. Why? We are creatures of habit it’s what I am used too. My mum made us drink water growing up, now I drink oodles, I can’t not. Little things you don’t realise that shape us into the Supermum’s we are today.

So Mum, I love what you have moulded me this way otherwise I wouldn’t get anything done! I’d be fluffing about all day long achieving nothing. Then I really would be crazy!

Chris said last night why don’t you just do the shopping on Friday (my child free WORK day) I said I NEED that day to work. I have one day in the week that I can sit down and work from morning to night I need it and it is a very productive day.

I choose to organise my week around my Fridays so they are free to work, work, work.

What crazy things happen in your house?

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