Sunday, February 25th, 2018

To Celebrate Childrens Values We’re Giving Away…

We recently discussed “What values do you teach your children” it’s something that many people think about but don’t often know how to go about actually installing and teaching their children values. Now the obvious and most successful way is to be a good role model for your children. To know the things that you […]

What Crazy Mixed Up Message Do We Send Our Children?

I despise the word “normal” it’s something I have never understood.   What is normal? I don’t think such a thing exists….or rather it does however it has endless meanings. In a world where mixed messages are at an all time high, as is our judgements, the level of  obesity, the level of depression, the […]

What values do you teach your children?

This is something that is frequently in my attention. Not just what values am I teaching them but what values do I want to teach them and most importantly what values I am unconsciously teaching them? It is my aim to guide and support them in their journeys, to understand it is their journey and […]

Somedays I Resent My Children….

Some days I find parenting too hard and often think how much easier my life would be without them, Some days I resent that fact that my life revolves around them, Some days it eats me up inside that my whole world changed the day I had them, Some days I resent the fact the […]

HELP! Parenting Advice Wanted

How do YOU empower your children and install values when other parents don’t do the same? What are some of the ways we can teach our children not to judge or criticise other children if they do or like something different…

Forget The Kids Mega Bloks Educates ME!

At the latest Bloggers Brunch Mega Bloks were there and I discovered a very cool thing. Anyone who knows me will know I hate craft and I ran out of ideas on how to play with my children and educate them at the same time. So when I discovered Mega Bloks has a FREE resource […]


As parents we come in different shapes and sizes, we all need different information on a variety of topics. Every parent has there strengths and weaknesses but at the end of the day we just want to be good parents and raise good kids. We hear so much about what not to do and it’s […]

Why Being a Shit Parent Makes Me the Best Parent in the World

I was the perfect parent before I had kids: strict, firm with the perfect balance of fun and playfulness. When I thought about pregnancy I was one of those Mothers who would flaunt her body everywhere and to anyone who wanted to look. I was always in complete control, I had SO much time on […]

Be A Better Parent

What does presence with your children mean? To have the ability to be there with them 100% and not be there but having a zillion other conversations going on in my head at the same time. We are all guilty of this at some time or another however it is crucial that we take time […]

New stalking laws has been introduced into Victoria dubbed “Brodie’s Law” after Brodie Panlock was taunted by workmates at a Melbourne cafe before she jumped to her death in 2006, aged 19. She was abused by her work colleagues who poured beer and oil on her, spat on her and offered her rat poison after […]