Saturday, February 24th, 2018

This is my LAST Post

Ok now I’ve got your attention it’s not literally my last post because that would be like cutting off my air supply. However it will be my last post that is negative, not nice or comes from a not so nice place (except if I review a crap bra). Let me tell you a story…. […]

The BIGGEST Pregnancy Must Have

MUMMYSEUSS MASSAGES AWAY PREGNANCY WOES New maternity care program eases women into motherhood. Emma McIntyre of Hand Print Massage is known as the Mummyseuss and she has created a new program called “:Bump to Bub” which changes the way women manage their pregnancies. Having endured a rough pregnancy with very little support, Ms McIntyre knows […]

What do you want in your lifetime, what kind of person do you want to be?

Our past has shaped who we are today Our backgrounds are important Time heals If we’re born lucky then we will make it Have you ever heard anything so stupid? Our life experiences can shape our thoughts and alter our views however it does not dictate our future or who we are and what we […]

Do You Work From Home?

I may shock you when I say this but I love life…..stating the obvious just a tad? But I just really really do because as I set about my ways to make a difference and love life everyday I learn so many things and I meet so many awesome people. Sometimes when you work from […]

Last week the Herald Sun publish an article called Academic grills three-year-olds on their sexuality where Monash University’s Dr Mindy Blaise, who spent five days at an unnamed childcare centre, wants sexuality to be an official subject at kinders and preschool centres. * Children asked about flirting, kissing * Research inappropriate, says psychologist * Discussions […]

Last year was my 1st Mum’s Night Out and not only did I have a great time but I met amazing, lovely women who are still to this day apart of my life. So it’s here again and I am so in for a great night…. here is the details.   You know you want […]

If your mind works anything like mine it’s going about 500kmph. If you would like to get the most out of your time then you need to break it down. * Write a list of what needs to be done business, work, kids & home * Do one thing at a time until that job […]

You would have read or heard about the recent controversial comment made by French writer Elisabeth Badinter who argues that “Mothers in the English-speaking world have become slaves to their children.”       Personally I could not agree more! We do become slaves to the point where it is expected that you do which […]

This is a guest post by Louise Lamrock Family Therapist, If you have any questions for Louise email me    It is my understanding that the biggest hurdle for most working mums is the emotional one rather than the pragmatics of the work load.(Not to discount this load but to manage it.)    Working […]

One of the most frequent questions I get asked about is “Self Doubt” and how to overcome it. I think as women as Mothers we have all been there, whether we choose to admit it or not is a different story! Especially as a new Mum your day to day life feels like it becomes […]