Friday, January 19th, 2018

The BIGGEST Pregnancy Must Have



New maternity care program eases women into motherhood.

Emma McIntyre of Hand Print Massage is known as the Mummyseuss and she has created a new program called “:Bump to Bub” which changes the way women manage their pregnancies.

Having endured a rough pregnancy with very little support, Ms McIntyre knows only too well that a healthy, happy mum means a healthy happy baby and that ensuring this during pregnancy and new parenthood is very important.

Beginning 12 weeks into pregnancy and continuing to 3 months post birth “The Mummyseuss’s Bump to Bub program” addresses pain in pregnancy as well as perinatal depression.   Using massage, photography, information packs and other peripheral support, it addresses some of the most common concerns in pregnancy and new motherhood.

A qualified masseuse, Ms McIntyre uses her skills to soothe the pain from pregnant bodies with a regular massage included as part of the program.   She says,It is important that women understand what is happening to their bodies at this time and traditional medical only talks about the more visible changes throughout the pregnancy.  It misses all of the little annoyances and peculiarities that women struggle to make sense of.  My program approached pregnancy from the holistic angle – no detail is too big or too small to be included.”

The program focuses on the need for continuity from carers during pregnancy.  The regular set massages with the same massage therapist give a sense of security and reassurance to the expecting mother that she is often unable to get from her medical care providers.

The  program includes fortnightly massages during pregnancy, 6 post natal in home massages, a baby massage class, a pregnancy portrait, a series of baby stages portraits, a birth debrief, a partners labour massage class, a cleaner’s visit plus a couple more surprises along the way.

For more information on the “Mummyseuss’s Bump to Bub Program’ visit or to arrange an interview and/or photos please contact Emma on 0409 235 613 or via email:


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