Monday, December 11th, 2017

My Time To Sprout Thanks


You know I always go on and on about my ever evolving road to self discovery and my addiction that I have for growth and learning. When I started out in business 5 years it has been an amazing ride with massive highs and lows. I learnt very quickly that support, mentoring and accountability were crucial for every business. With passion and a desperate desire to succeed can leave you vulnerable and ripe for the picking of businesses with no ethnics that will promise you the world and not deliver. Then sometimes you find mentors that teaches you an abundance however it’s just not quite the right market match however eventually you will find those people who will play I vital rule to your support network and your mentoring.

It was probably around 4 or 5 years ago that a stumbled across a like minded woman who kinda thought a little differently on a platform called Business Women Unite. Since then I have followed her and her work, I have enjoyed watching her grow and blossom but she has also played a vital role in my growth. I have been apart of her numerous programs and bought all of her eBooks. I was also lucky enough to be apart of one of her books SPROUT WEALTH. For me it’s not her knowledge that makes her stand out albeit it’s awe-inspiring for me it’s the elegance and grace, the goodwill and well natured soul that she is and she is just ever so helpful she has always been there for me when I’ve had a question or 2 or 10. Her heart is full of love and passion and she actually walks the talk. She is enormously generous with her knowledge, her value and her prices. She would never be happy with a win for herself if it didn’t actually involve a win for someone else.

I want to take this time and say thank you Sarah Prout from the bottom of my heart….really thank you.

Just too back track a little…. One element of my business I have REALLY struggled with and I think maybe because everyone puts so much emphasis on it I’ve craved it but never quite found it, a support network a group of like minded business people which you can surround yourself with. But ask and you shall receive and with that Inspired Maven was born 8 weeks of 18 business women to grow, discuss, collaborate and support each other on our journey. I got my wish and so did 17 others and as I said earlier it wouldn’t be right and we wouldn’t be staying true to the message in our hearts if it was just a win for us so we will be sharing our amazing journey via an eBook so watch this space.

You know a little while ago I took an oath and ever since then I have been blessed with so many amazingly positive spirited and passionate people that just fills my heart with love and gratitude, not only my mavens but also numerous others (you know who you are) and I really appreciate it…..really.


5 Responses to “My Time To Sprout Thanks”
  1. Sarah Prout says:

    Thank you Renee. Words can’t describe how honoured I am to have worked with you on these various projects. xx

  2. Renee so happy to be part of the Inspired Mavens with you! It has been an awesome journey together. Looking forward to more great things ahead. Jenxx

  3. braqueen says:

    Thanks gorgeous girls x

  4. Just beautiful Renee, it has been a privelege to be part of this group and one that I know will expand further as more mavens come on board. I look forward to seeing it evolve into a powerbase of sharing, caring and prosperity! xx

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