Monday, December 11th, 2017

How Bloggers Can Work With Businesses To Maximise Growth


As a blogger it can be extremely hard to monetise your blog, you spend countless hours writing articles and building traffic. Often making money can feel overwhelming and tiresome. On the other hand you have spent so much time building content so you don’t just want to pimp yourself out to any old business. Bloggers have an incredible amount of integrity and work hard to protect their brand so it is possible to align yourself with businesses while still keeping “on brand”? Yes.


5 Tips On Bloggers Working With Businesses


  1. Know your target market– This is a crucial element to finding the right business to work with. Ensure you know exactly who your readers are and what they like and can benefit from.
  2. Write Down a Business Wish List- Build a list of all of the businesses you think that are align with you, your blog and most importantly your readers.
  3. Put Together a Media Kit- Include a bio, a brief on your blog, how many people are in your community. For example; Facebook 2000, Twitter 5000, Blog Subscribers 1000, Blog page views 20,000. Try and have all of this information on one page and write it in your own voice. On the following page/s you can have your fees and any other relevant information. I also include a press page that has all media coverage we have had, this adds to the value of the exposure they can receive.
  4. Place a PR Page On Your Blog- Make it easy for businesses to see what you are looking for in a business and what you will and will not except. Any conditions you might have on products or whether you do sponsored posts, reviews and/or advertising.
  5. Learn to Romance Businesses- Just remember that this is a process so take it easy. Think of it as meeting a potential love interest, you wouldn’t walk straight up to them and ask them to take you home. Have a conversation and see if there is potential, do you like them? Don’t tell them how fabulous you are on the first date make a point of listening to them and asking them what they want and what they like. Then if you can feel sparks ask for second date then on that date you can tell them how fabulous you are. When you do this it is crucial it comes from their perspective and not yours, for example what they will gain and why you think this romance should blossom.

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