Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Busting Out’s Most Popular Posts


I always find this so interesting so I thought I would share the most read posts on Busting Out

1. The Perfect Eyebrow Shape: This post talks about how to create the perfect eyebrow shape for your face.


2. Hello Captain Obvious: I share my discovery on finding success, we always think that we are so close but not. quite. there. Then I had a life changing realisation; Today I am perfectly imperfect and success and happy and present and a zillion other things. Stop looking ahead and focus on today because today is great!


3. Are real women the same as normal women: OK so I am having a little rant here about how we judge each other and in doing so we don’t except people for who they are. That every women is gorgeous no matter the size, shape or color it doesn’t matter we are all real.



4. How Being a Shit Parent Makes Me The Best Parent in The World: So I did a SWOT on my parenting and it turns out it was the best thing I ever did. In this post you will find me really honest about how I feel about parenting.


5. How Yo Create Awesome Time Management: Finally I share my tips on time management and how I manage to get a zillion things done in one day.


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