Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Color Is The New Black


I was one of those women who always wore color, bright bold out there colors, then some how over time I begun to play it safe with black. Pretty soon my entire wardrobe was all black. So much so my partner said “You dress like you’re going to a funeral everyday”. Having two toddlers it was just easier while I was trying to lose weight and get back into shape. I realised that it was time for change and time to bring back color. Being aware of sustainable fashion by spending money on cheap clothes that don’t last and sit in our landfill with no where to go I want clothes that will be in my wardrobe for years to come.

I recently had a color consult with the amazingly talented Imogen Lamport of Bespoke Image. Where she covers all sorts of fabulous things and I can confidently say I will never shop the same again. You learn and understand color in a different light, what happens in a color analysis I hear you ask?

  • You will be draped to determine your best colour direction
  • Shown your best neutral colours which are the basis of your wardrobe.
  • Given a swatch of 50 of your very best colours to take shopping and taught how to use them
  • Make-up lesson and application and colours (women)
  • Hair colouring advice
  • Tie and shirt combinations (men)
  • Colour Psychology
  • You will be provided with comprehensive notes on your colours and how to wear them to best effect. Notes include best metals, glasses colours, investment pieces, contrast, combining colours, psychology of colour and hair colouring.

You can begin to shop confidently so the pieces you buy will flatter and enhance your shape and skin tone by bringing out your best features. You have your color swatch that you can keep in your bag and bring them out when you go shopping so you know what colors are best for you.

Imogen Australia’s finest Image Consultant believes “Wearing the best colours for you will make you look healthier, happier, vibrant and help you project a really positive image. Remember the last time someone commented on how well you looked? What were you wearing? You’ll probably find out that it was one of your best colours – book your colour analysis today so that those compliments keep on flowing.

Just think about all the clothes you’ve bought over the years that either are worn once (not including your wedding attire) or never worn, and take up valuable wardrobe space – why is it that you don’t wear the item? Maybe it’s because the colour doesn’t suit you, and doesn’t make you feel good. A colour analysis is an investment in your future wardrobe and an investment in you – if you look good, you’ll feel good, and will project a positive image that others will pick up on and reflect back to you.”

I would highly recommend you invest in a color analysis because you will save so much time, money and frustration. I guarantee it!




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  1. Anita Kropacsy says:

    Thanks Nay!
    Awesome info as always xoxo

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