Monday, December 11th, 2017

Chasing Bright Shiny Objects


Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved bright and shiny objects, this distraction seen her well into her adult life. Job after job, town after town constantly running from her biggest fear; boredom.

She knew what she wanted but didn’t know how she was going to do it. Therefore everything looked great and she wanted to do everything. What she didn’t realise is that every time she changed course she had to start again, there were a lot of starts. As happy and as free this life made her there was always a feeling of wonder “am I ever going to be content.”

“Things” made her happy.

A nice bag, a divine pair of shoes, new sunglasses and the bigger and the shinier the bling the better. Everything had to be big, the bigger the better. One day she realised that buying “things” big and small only fills the void in your life until the newness wears off. Then you’re looking for the next “thing” to take its place.

If she really wanted to “do” that “thing” she really wanted to do then there is only one way it was going to happen.

See, commit, do and the most important part to this equation is to trust.

Trust Yourself

Trust the process

Trust that everything will unfold exactly how it’s suppose to.

With this new unconditional trust she had the confidence to make a plan, persist and in return fly. But what was that “thing” that transformed her life?

She discovered that there is the biggest, the brightest and the shiniest of “things” inside her. The most precious jewel you will ever find is the one waiting to be discovered inside yourself. Discover that jewel and you get all the answers you need and ensure it always shines bright.





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