Monday, December 11th, 2017

Control Your F’ing Kids!


As a parent this is at the forefront of my mind. Bullying! For 2 reasons-
1.I DO NOT want my girls to be bullied
2.I DO NOT want my girls to be bullies

Whether children are getting bullied OR are bullies, both are going to have physiological issues now and possibly later in life.

This follows the TRAGIC death of a 15 year old boy who was KILLED due to bullying last week.

Where does it start and how do we stop it?
It starts from the beginning babies and toddlers for example-

Yesterday Maddison had a Party at a Play Centre and she went into a section and as she opened the door a boy (who she doesn’t know) Pushed her, his Mum right by his side didn’t say anything! I just looked at her and kept walking. Maddison was in the ball pit and this boy picked up a Xylophone and throws it at her head! Again the Mum WATCHED and said/did NOTHING! I gave her a filthy look, shook my head and walked off.

Control Your F’ing Kid!

I don’t get angry at the bullies I get angry at the parents because 9 times out 10 they are just trying to get attention. So don’t be so selfish teach your kid right from wrong and give the poor kid a cuddle that’s what he really wants!

But most Parents don’t see that, they just assume that’s the way they are because they have just ALWAYS been rough. NO it is YOUR creation!

Back to this 15 year old!
Not only has it destroyed the lives of his friends and family which is just horrible. But what happens to this boy who killed him? He is now labeled are murderer outcast by everyone who knows him. How do you think he is going to feel, he has to live with this. I will put my hand up that he is not a bad person but he will think he is and I pray to god that he does not follow that path and that he gets the appropriate help.

Where are his Parents and where were the teachers?
The teachers admitted to turning a blind eye and one would assume his parents were oblivious to this.

Two boys who thought they were men stubborn, tough, thinking they are untouchable and just having a school yard brawl now has cost them a life, a young life. It’s disgusting; it’s tragic and just so wrong on so many levels.

Behavior like that doesn’t just happen over night. That happens over a young lifetime bought on by bad parenting.
Listen to your kids, know what is happening in their lives, be there for them, talk to them, cuddle them. Do you know what’s happening in you Child’s life, really?
Don’t pretend that the problem isn’t there; don’t be in denial and think that your kids are angels. It is a life that is at stake and I really think that we as parents as teachers we sometimes under estimate what a HUGE role we play into creating the adults these children will eventually become.

What we teaching our children?

We ALL know that our children are walking sponges and are at times little clones of ourselves. So what are you creating?

I was shocked and appalled when a one of my readers emailed me this-

The year 5/6 students of our school has a ‘dance’ approaching. This is where the children are up on stage and do a few dances for their parents.

The children do dress nicely for the occasion however;
Some mothers are talking of having their daughters spray tanned, prior. Not only spray tanned but false nails and hair to be done at the hairdressers. Hair well maybe but not a necessity washing it would suffice, though honestly do they really require spray tans and fake nails?

Is this saying to their daughters, for you to look good when you go out, you really ought to have all these things done otherwise you are not beautiful?

Why are parents so hell bent on fulfilling THEIR desires and what THEY believe would make them look better? Shouldn’t the daughter grow up believing she is naturally beautiful and if she chooses to spray tan, have false nails, wear makeup when she is more age appropriate then that is fine.

And we wonder why girls are suffering from no self respect. This one definitely begins at home.

What The? Are these Mother’s on CRACK? That is the most ridiculous thing I HAVE ever heard!
Now you know me I am ALL FOR “Looking great means feeling great”. However I am referring to adults, kids need to be kids and they are ALL adorable and need NONE of that crap.
•Spray Tan- Get of the grass
•Hair Done- I am a hairdresser by trade and it has always blown me away when these CHILDREN are getting they hair done, not cut styled.
•Nails- Really, Is there any need? Whack some polish on her yourself you lazy cow. Have some Mother and Daughter time, she’ll love it.
•Make up- Bloody Hell! Put gloss on her that is MORE then enough! Make up on young girls, they look like prostitutes. It’s wrong!

The BIGGEST gift you can give your child is confidence! Confidence in who they are, love them, support them and KNOW THEM and grow with them.

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