Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Creating Flow & Building Momentum


Flow and momentum are beautiful things they make life a dream but for some people it is just that a dream. Sometimes as a wife, a Mum, a business owner, an employee and as a woman it’s really easy to feel like you’re just not getting anywhere. You’re constantly chasing your tail with your workload. That to do list just doesn’t get any smaller does it? And how is that washing pile going? You see an empty basket for about two second’s right?

It’s all about the flow and good time management.

There is no point waiting for when the kids are out of nappies, start day care, start kinder and start school because you will never get anything done. You have to take action now…today.

By changing small day to day tasks can be the difference between flow and chaos. Here are some simple tips you can use to organise your time and get that momentum happening.

  • Spend a week writing done everything you do and how long it takes you to do it.
  • Write a list of everything you want and need to fit into your week.
  • Allocate days and time slots to complete each thing on your list. Use a timer if that helps.
  • The best way to create flow is by allowing yourself to do one thing at a time and only focus on that particular thing, dedicate your time and mind solely to that.
  • Repeat your new routine for one month that way you give it a chance to build momentum and once you build momentum that is when you see the results.

Staying focused on what you need to do is crucial and change the “I should do” to “I must do”. For example:

  • I must exercise everyday
  • I must switch off my computer and spend time with my kids and my partner
  • I must not do any housework during my work hours
  • I must make time for myself
  • I must make the most of today

Creating a routine is not only great for you it’s also good for the whole family and your work colleagues. You are giving yourself more and everyone around you because ask yourself how often you are doing something and thinking about something else.

TIP: Except the fact that not everything gets done or the washing basket is empty for two seconds. Be realistic about what you want to achieve and what is really important. If you really want to manifest something in your life you really need to create a space for it and you may not need to do everything. A couple of great resources for you is Creating Order From Chaos and Give Me Your List.





3 Responses to “Creating Flow & Building Momentum”
  1. Dorothy says:

    Do you have hidden cameras all over my house, Renee? You obviously knew what I needed to hear today. Great advice. Not sure if I’m going to take it all in, but at least tackling one thing at a time is a start.

  2. bustingout says:

    LOL Dorothy, I am WATCHING you 😉 I LOVE the universe and how it gives us exactly what we need when we need it. Amazing! One foot in front of the other, one thought, one action you can do it. Rx


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