Tuesday, December 12th, 2017



As I have been so totally pumped about 2010 and all of the delicious things it’s going to bring to everyone including myself.
I have just had a reality check; I am currently working on a campaign that is set to be HUGE and it will be really testing the waters to see what Social Media is REALLY capable of. My thought was this-

• What about the people you AREN’T pumped about the New Year who struggle with getting through the DAY let alone the YEAR.

• What about the people who WANT to be pumped BUT can not because there minds are not willing to allow them to.

• What about the people who are prepared to have a cracker of a year but their MINDS shutter at the thought and can’t process the work load.

• What about the people who just feel shit all the time and can’t figure out why

• What about the people who are drowned in pressure and work and can’t find their way through

• What about the new Mum who feels like it’s god damn ground hog day and is 2 seconds away from harming herself

• What about the Mum who is working, looking after the kids and her husband, who is getting pulled in every direction imaginable and doesn’t have the strength to say ENOUGH!

• What about the guy who is just Effing so angry and shitty all the time and is 2 seconds away from crying “But that would be weak” can’t get help “Because I’m too proud” because men have to tough.


• Do we seriously leave in a world where EVERYBODY feels the Effing need to hide the truth, to pretend that everything is OK when it’s not,
• We can not be open and honest with ourselves and others in fear of how we will be judged.

• That by admitting that we are Back from the Brink we our losing control and respect and appear weak?

It drives me God Damn mental that we STILL have this perception and apparently we do have to hide because unfortunately some people DO judge, DON’T get it and must have the most perfect life in the world, WHAT you’ve never had a bad day or bad thought BULL SHIT!


WATCH THIS SPACE because I’m on a mission.

Disclaimer: This article was written from a personal opinion and I am NOT a qualified in psychology or counselling. If you do need assistance with emotions or mental health, to seek assistance from your GP immediately.

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