Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Discovering The Real You


You know when you go to the gym or workout you feel better, more positive about the day ahead. Most people will say it helps clear their head….right?

I’ve never really given it much thought until recently I had an AHA moment. As I go on my quest of presence and tapping into the unmanifested it dawned on me. The reason why exercise clears our head and makes us more positive is not the exercise we are doing, yes it’s improving our fitness and allowing us to live healthy lifestyles but it has nothing to do with our heads. It declutters our minds because its one of the rare times we are present in the moment. We are not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow we are right there in the moment and we need that. It is crucial that we get that time.

During the time that we are in “the moment” we are “in body” so we when say “It’ll be good to do {whatever} to get my mind of it.” We’re saying we need a break from our minds, so sub consciously we know that our minds can play tricks on us and make us see more then what is or less then what is. As much as this may seem very left of centre I know you get what I’m saying.

No-thing really matters because ultimately it’s not real and it doesn’t define you, you define you. Let me explain:

Eckhart Tolle says “Nothing that is real is ever lost”

You know when you know someone and something happens to them like travel, turmoil, accident or loss. After that it feels like they’ve changed? Their values have been redefined and they have had massive personal growth. It’s not that they have “changed” it’s that a portion of who they were, wasn’t real. This continues to happen through out our lives, that’s why people come in and out of our lives.

We have little portals of light that tries to filter through and tell us something and most times it’s ignored, until the time that you are close to death….then you are forced to listen and everything you thought you were is stripped away until you are left with the real you. Not who your mind says you are or society but from heart space to heart space the real you shines. Maybe it will be too late then for you to fully embrace the real you…but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can start now and make today the day where you give yourself the freedom to be…

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