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# A guest post by Janene Samuel as a part of the How Real People Bust Out a series of guest contributors sharing their journey’s.

I am a mum and fostermum ( to 18 kids + my 3 biological) my children have Nintendo DS and they where losing the games so I invented GAMETAG which is a loss prevention device for the Nintendo DS. Here is my storey….

Resources at Christmas are always stretched and Christmas 2008 was no different, our children were expecting brand name presents and top of their list was DS games. They knew the importance of looking after the games as they, along with my husband and I, had spent hours looking for games that had been misplaced on previous occasions and not always were the games found.

Early Boxing day I entered the lounge room to find the games and their boxes, new and old, spread all over the floor and not a child in sight. After the initial thought of catching the culprits and venting my anger I decided that would not solve the problem of the lost games and I needed to co me up with a device that would prevent this from ever occurring again.

Marvellous what can be achieved in a desperate situation, I raided my husbands desk, the children’s art and craft boxes, every drawer in the kitchen and anywhere else I could find something that would allow the games to be played while still remaining securely attached to one another and eventually arrived at a prototype of the GAMETAG™.

Then the most amazing thing happened, other parents saw the device and wanted to know where we purchased it, this went on for several weeks before we realised we might be onto something and with encouragement from family and friends we refined the original product and patented and trademarked.

Many hours were spent researching the tag, the adhesion had to be reliable and sturdy enough to withstand the constant use it would be subjected to, we sourced samples from all over the world and immediately put them to the test, we very quickly weeded out any that would not stand the test of time and for want of a better word the abuse that comes with children and DS games.

The result is the GAMETAG™ we now offer you, not just an accessory, a necessity.

There have even been foster placements that have broken down because of lost DS games where birth parents or foster parents have accused one another of taking the games so I have been able to assist here. kids just lose the games.

Check out my youtube to see how Gametag works and my facebook page to read feedback Gametag is 10 out of 10 ……..Janene

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