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# A guest post by Kevin Benton as a part of the How Real People Bust Out a series of guest contributors sharing their journey’s.


When I was college, I was diagnoses with a rare heart disease usually found in African-American male athletes called Hypertropic-Cardiomyopathy. It is an abnormal heart disorder that causes your heart to enlarge and blood begins to flow in the wrong direction through your heart valves. On top of this condition, I had a mental health disorder called panic attacks with agoraphobia, which is the fear of leaving the house and or being alone due to being afraid that something bad will happen to you with no one around to help. As a result, I would have rapid heart flutters to the point where I would become very fatigue, very week and even felt faint. During one episode, I even passed out and collapsed on a bridge and had to be rushed to the hospital. Once I eventually arrived at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, they assembled a team of the top eight doctors in the entire hospital to try to get me back on my feet and back out on the basketball court. At my college I was on a full athletic scholarship to play basketball. This particular team of eight doctors was considered, by their standards, a DREAM TEAM also. After doing extensive test on me they determined that there was nothing else that they could do and diagnosed me as having 1 day to live. This brought even more psychological and emotional torment upon me as I was hooked up to a few machines.  Sadly enough, having given up, I was pretty much waiting for the beeping sounds coming from the machines to turn off representing the end for me.

While I was lying on my hospital bed angry and wrestling with God and the truth of His Word. I could not believe that a loving God was going to allow me die so young and in this manner when I lived a pretty good life. I was taught by my mom and dad to treated people very well though I was not perfect at it. While I was still lying on my hospital bed an old janitor and or cleaning lady mopped her way into my hospital room, put her mop down, grabbed me by the hands and began to pray with and for me. I did not know this lady at all but she prayed that God would heal me because the devil was trying to take my life. In her prayer she also said that God had an awesome calling on my life. She ended her prayer for me by asking God to heal me. All of a sudden, when she concluded the prayer by saying Amen, it felt like someone poured a cold glass of water on my head that trickled all the way down to my feet. Miraculously, my heart had immediately shrunk back to normal size and I could feel the physical changes in my body. The old lady then left my room and I never saw her again. Next, the doctors came into my room to take my vitals and upon thinking that the blood pressure gauge was broken he said, “We don’t understand what just happen, this is a miracle that defies our research and logic.” They decided to run each test again just to be sure and determined that I was fine and that my heart had shrunk to normal size for an athlete. They decided to keep me in the hospital an extra night just to keep an eye on me. I was wheel chaired into the hospital and given only 1 more day to live and because of a miraculous encounter with someone who cared enough to pray for me, I walked out gingerly in 3 days. In my humble opinion, I believe this lady was an angel sent by God to save my life. With all of this said, ironically enough, I still have the medicine bottle with 2 pills still left in it hanging in my closet. I do this because it serves as visible proof and as a memorial and reminder to commemorate this unforgettable, miraculous event that took place in my life. This may sound very odd in my saying what I am about to say but that medicine bottle will hang in my closet until the day I finally do die. Be encouraged and inspired by my true story and know that miracles are still happening today. If it can happen for me, it can happen for you too.
This story and other encouraging and inspirational testimonies are documented in my best-selling published book, A Field Trip to Hell: Experience the 30 Torments of Hell Without Having to Stay for Eternity

Meet Kevin
Kevin is the author of the encouraging, inspirational and informative, best-selling book, A Field Trip to Hell: Experience the 30 Torments of Hell Firsthand Without Having to Stay for Eternity. He is also an Ex-professional basketball player, Youth and Young Adult Pastor, Section Editor and a Child Care Social Worker.

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