Monday, December 11th, 2017

How To Create Awesome Time Management


Do you utilise your time to the best of your ability? In this day and age where everyone is busy and extremely time poor what can we do to take the pressure off and ensure we actually get things done.

Step 1

If we want to create optimum time management then we need to know what we actually have and want to do. So you need to get a piece of paper and pen then write down-

  • Everything you need to do
  • Everything you want to do
  • Your goals because in order to achieve our long term goals it’s what we do today to take us one step closer to making it happen. When you write your goals down think about;
  1. If you could do anything what would it be
  2. What is important to you
  3. What do you fear
  4. Who and what do you value
  5. What direction do you want your life and career to take
  6. Personal goals
  7. Relationships goal

Step 2

Whatever you do have a start and finish time….easy if your at work right? But even when you’re at work each task give yourself time frames to finish them.

Give yourself 10 minute increments you can accomplish alot in 10 minutes a quick tidy up, washing on, dishes done, emails read and response too, phone calls, Facebook, Twitter etc. The trick is in that 10 minutes do not allow your mind to wander; focus solely on the task at hand.

Step 3

Write a “to do” list then prioritise it

1. You know exactly what you have to do

2. What you have to do first in order of importance

3. You actually DO IT.

4. It feels good when you cross it off

TIP: It’s about quality our aim is to achieve the most out of everything that we do.


2 Responses to “How To Create Awesome Time Management”
  1. I’m finding these really useful in helping me manage my time better and be more productive!
    can’t remember where I heard about them but it was in someone’s newsletter I think! But I am grateful because they are great!!

  2. Bra Queen says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Chris 🙂 xxx

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