Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Goal Setting Your Way To An Intimate Relationship


In my last post How To Create Awesome Time Management I briefly touched on knowing your goals being imperative when you are trying to utilise your time. However I really wanted to elaborate on goal setting and also the importance of knowing your partner’s goal’s to ensure your on the same path….you still need and do separate things but there are 2 things that can happen:

  1. Two people can not and do not remain the same and what often happens is you live in the same house as partners however the intimacy, understanding, appreciation, respect, romance and happiness does not exist. You are leading separate lives and you often think “Would it be easier just to be apart” or you settle for what has become a  mediocre relationship and never do thing as a couple or as a family. My favourite is “They’ve been together forever it’s just what happens”
  2. You know and understand when your relationship is becoming familiar therefore you identify what’s unfolding and you set about fixing it BEFORE it escalates into mediocre. It’s making the choice to have a relationship that is meaningful, intimate, fun and packed full of love and romance.

So before we embark on turning a relationship around I suggest you sit down with your partner and write out your goals, each write out their own answers then discuss them and put a time frame on each one. Discuss what you need to do everyday/week to ensure you achieve that goal.

Click on this link to get your GOAL WORKSHEETS so you can print them out and start gaining clarity.

Being that we are SO ridiculously busy it is crucial that we allow quality time with our partners. This is where I recommend one of two things.

  1. $30 Date– Is an awesome website for savvy couples that gives you date ideas for under $30. Emma recommends that we all set aside one night every week and have a date night; no TV, no work just you and your partner. IKNOW YOU HAVE KIDS so do I once they are in bed then the date begins and there is heaps of things you can do at home. This can turn your relationship around so quickly it’s amazing and the flow on effect that it has on every area of your life is amazing.
  2. If you need a little more of a kick start then  Mad Cow and Chris Owen have created the Online DIY Guide to Better Relationships An 11-week e-course for you to work your way through at your own rate and implement changes as you go.

One thing that Anthony Robbins said that really stuck in my head was; think about something that is going really well in your life….picture it. You are clear in your direction and confident in that area…yes?

Now picture the area of you life that isn’t so great…..it’s fuzzy and you’re not confident in that area so therefore you avoid it BUT IMAGINE if you had the same clarity and confidence in that area like you do the other one, LIVE THAT….

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